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On Hiatus

The twenties are supposed to be the busiest and most fruitful time of one's life. Not for me. I did nothing. Great whacking slabs of nothing other than drink, cry and sleep, for months on end. So now, in an  effort to make up for those wasted years, I try to do everything , all at once. For the past few months I've been working full time hours, doing part time university, manning stalls for the Greens at festivals, and trying to occasionally fit in a bit of mothering to a toddler. I thrived on it for a while, got a bit smug even. If anyone remarked "I don't know how you do it", I'd airily reply "Oh, I just do it. You know, you've got to get on with things." But I have too many plates in the air at once, and all the 13 hour days are exhausting me, and the spinning plates are starting to crash down on my head. I want to post more here, I do, but I just can't summon the energy needed to write stuff I'm happy with. So rather than have people

A Plan To Save The Nation - A Plea For Lefties To Breed

Much derision in the media this week over Tony Abbott's claim that his paid parental leave scheme will encourage  women of calibre  to breed. Abbott's plan is to impose a levy on the biggest corporations in Australia - how's that for a great big tax on everything? - and use the money to pay parent's up to six months parental leave at the mother's wage rate. This, he hopes, will encourage high income earners - those he dubbed the "women of calibre" - to breed. You'd expect this would alienate his base of aspirationals - the low and middle income earners from outer suburbs - but they still adore the guy. Now, Tony Abbott is a fetid piece of distended monkey rectum on epic scale and should he be elected prime minister, we'll be an international laughing stock...more so, but he has pointed the way to an interesting solution to all society's problems (although  Bill Murray got there first ). It's often been said that society is becoming more con

Those Damn Self-Diagnosed Aspies

Wonderful news that the National Disability Insurance Scheme is being rolled out across the nation - although it's just a start. I quite like the idea someone posted half in-jest on twitter that the Medicare levy be increased to 5% and cover everything - psychiatry, dental, optical, aged that would be a model for a healthy well kept society. But still, the NDIS is a long way from perfect, but it's a lot better than what we have now. Good news today as well from Disability Reform Minister Jenny Macklin that the NDIS will  cover autism treatment .No one can deny that autism rates are on the rise,and early intervention is crucial in helping those with autism achieve their full potential. I did wonder though, would it cover the cost of diagnosis. There's a massive stigma around those who self-diagnose with Asperger Syndrome, often with very good reason. Looking for an excuse to be anti social? Simply want to be a special snowflake, just like everyone else? Take a qu