I've been keeping this blog for over twenty years (I never dreamed I'd still be doing this now, not in my worst nightmares). My posting schedule has been erratic to be sure, but there are over 800 archived posts here. I've always posted on political and social issues. But in those 17 years, I've changed - I'm at least a few years older now than I was in 2004 - and my views have changed. I've educated myself, or been educated, on many issues. And when I occasionally look at old posts, I see things I posted years ago that don't align with the way I feel now; views that, if I had a chance to talk to my old self, I'd repudiate. I try to be like Lynyrd Skynyrd, for example by recognising all the ways I used to be racist (and I know I've still got work to do on that). 

But I'm not going to go through all my old posts editing views I no longer hold.* For one thing, who has the time. But also, I think admitting who we used to be shows us all how people can change. So if you ever happen to be browsing old posts of mine, and come across something I wrote in 2008 that makes you say "whoa, I can't believe she would say that", chances are I wouldn't say that now. If you're not sure if I still think the same about a contentious issue as you see on an old post of mine, just ask; chances are, I don't. We should all be learning and growing, and I do try. 

* It's also why I haven't deleted all the stuff about being married and so on - that was then, it happened, but this is now. 

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