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A Slice of Office Life

To give you a true idea of what life in the cube farm as an admin is really like, I've decided to give you a minute by minute account of my time in the office. I've chosen Tuesday, because that's supposedly the most productive day of the week. I was going to do a whole day, but that would be too boring. So here's just one hour, as it unfolded: 10:00 Nico is in front of her work station. A cow-orker has just placed three courier bags full of files for her to log on her desk. She's opened one, and will open the others as soon as she checks her email. 10:02 Checks her email. There's nothing new. Figures she'll check the Necro forums too. Nothing there either. 10:05 Opens the other courier bags. Checks through files, removing a few that need to be sent interstate and placing them in the appropriate out box. Sorts through the rest. 10:08 Attempts to open database needed to track files. It has logged Nico out. Halfway through logging back in, the bell at the

Tai Chi, Chai Tea

As you may have guessed if you read my blog with anything like regular frequency, I'm not a great one for exercising (and it's caught up with me; I may have a young face, but when I see myself in the full-length mirror whilst dressing, there can be no doubt that it has been a difficult quarter of a century since I was born). However, I've developed a major chai tea obsession. A friend encouraged me to try a cup. I was wary, as normally I hold any form of tea other than the plain black kind in the same regard as fake tan, addidas clothes and Young Liberals i.e. things I can well do without. But it smelt wonderful, tasted even better and now I need three or four cups to get me through the day. What I like best is it doesn't give you that "fuzzy mouth" feeling that you get from regular tea. ~~~~~ It's been a dead quiet weekend, just lots of DVDs and pizza. But it's good for me, and anyway I've got a busy July ahead; next weekend I'm off to Sydney

Random and Unecessary

Last night I was watching The Glasshouse on the ABC and they had a discussion about why your brain retains information you don't need. Here's the thing...when the band Hanson were at the height of their brief popularity, my then 13-year-old sister had a somewhat large obsession with them. Fast forward eight years, and she was discussing a recent TV appearance they made. And then I realised...I could remember the names of all of their brothers and sisters. Why is my brain retaining that information ? I don't need to remember that. And not in the sense that I don't need to remember seeing that photo of Alexander Downer wearing fishnet stockings (I've tried to find the image to post, so you all share my pain, but alas have been unable). ~~~~~ They're often telling us at work that we should boost our own morale. So I bopped everyone in the office over the head with a flyswatter, and I feel much better.

The Weekend Has Landed!

I really have no right to crow; it was only a four day week, and I only work half days besides. Being thrilled that it's Friday seems like a guilty pleasure - but I don't have many of them to get excited about these days. Anyway I am as entitled as anyone else to take a break, even if there's not much to take a break from. Actually truth be told, I am exhausted. I'm still not used to getting up early, and it's so hard to get out of bed when it's dark and cold. Xander snuggles in beside me when the alarm goes off, which makes it even worse. I am not a person who leaps out of bed, throws open the curtains and hollers, "Good morning world!" (Not that there's anything to see when I open the curtains except streetlights and fog). I like to lie in bed and listen to the radio for 10-15 minutes before I tear myself out from the blankets. Anyway, it doesn't take me that long to get ready - no breakfast, just a cup each of tea and coffee, and I don't

How About Them Current Events, Eh?

That's what I really, really couldn't stand about being on Big Brother (apart from being ordered about, other people's odours, and of course being away from Xander)...not being able to keep up with the news. I won't list the things that the housemates don't know that have happened since this series started (if you don't already know, you won't much care); but it would drive me nuts not knowing. ~~~~~ I live on a major road, and there's a big, noisy nighttime upgrade going on right now. As a result, just a few meters away from my house, there's one of those big solar-powered signs that announces road projects. For the last few weeks it has announced: NIGHT ROADWORK AHEAD About a week ago, the work paused and the sign went blank, giving us long-suffering residents the chance to get some sleep. Not anymore. The sign is active again today, although I suspect the guy who's job it is to program the thing hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. It now rea

Being A Permanent Employee Is Great

Everyone in the office yesterday was whooping it up because of the long weekend, and out of years of casual-employee habit I thought "Yeah, it's all right for means I don't get paid for the day." But then I realised "Wait a minute...yes I do!" I turn 26 in a few weeks, and this is the first time in my life I've had a permanent job, with sick leave, paid holidays etc. This is tremendous. It means I can take time off to go on the Einstein Factor, and also some friends and I are going on holiday in September. The trip was originally planned to be to Bali, but obviously not now. Everyone is saying, "Don't go to Bali, go to Fiji", but we thought we'll be patriotic and spend our money here, so we're going to Queensland. *Wails* I wanna go back to Tahiti!!! If you've been trying to get through to me and haven't been able, I apologise; my phone is dying. It needs to be charged every day whether there's any calls or not

Some Daft Company Wants To Employ Me

Yep, I got a new job. Actually, a new job at my old workplace. You're now looking at the brand new Database Administrator (Well, you're reading about her anyway). This is way too much power for someone as Machiavellian as myself - I can take down the whole network at a single stroke! I start on Thursday. This will hopefully cure me of a dreadful habit I've picked up lately; I can't seem to get out of bed before 1pm. Partly this is because I was told to rest, because of my stitches. But mostly it's because I've got a new mattress (I'd been sleeping on the old one I'd had since I was ten - ugh ) and I just lie there thinking about how comfortable I am. The mattress is yet to be "broken in" if you get my drift. I'm yet to decide who will do the honours (let's be honest - it will be the first buff young thing I manage to persuade to go home from the pub with me). My stitches come out tomorrow, thank cow. I haven't been able to wash my h

Finish This Sentence

I... always: want a nap. never: trust John Howard. would like: dinner commit this Deadly Sin more often than the other six: gluttony. I've got really expensive taste in food. have had how many boyfriends: two serious boyfriends (I was just joking about the others) think: music now sucks, compared to the Ninties did this for the very first time recently: found out I'm going to be on TV want: A federal Labor government try: to listen when other people are talking instead of prattling on about myself feel: sore, but I've got my stitches in my scalp. look: like I've abandoned all pretence to vanity. might: buy socks tomorrow. spend: hours staring out the window. am afraid of: birds and heights. like: sour fruit roll-ups drive: into bridges. hate: bigots. propose: that it is to the benefit of the entire human race that I do not reproduce. blog: not as often as I'd like. love: Xander. That cat is my life miss: the Nineties prefer: drunk to sober have ___ tattoos: Two. And