How About Them Current Events, Eh?

15 June 2005
That's what I really, really couldn't stand about being on Big Brother (apart from being ordered about, other people's odours, and of course being away from Xander)...not being able to keep up with the news. I won't list the things that the housemates don't know that have happened since this series started (if you don't already know, you won't much care); but it would drive me nuts not knowing. 


I live on a major road, and there's a big, noisy nighttime upgrade going on right now. As a result, just a few meters away from my house, there's one of those big solar-powered signs that announces road projects. For the last few weeks it has announced:


About a week ago, the work paused and the sign went blank, giving us long-suffering residents the chance to get some sleep.

Not anymore. The sign is active again today, although I suspect the guy who's job it is to program the thing hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. It now reads:


Whether or not this will be WORS than the roadwork remains to be seen.


Here's a little tidbit you may find amusing...

Tonight, "Newcastle's favourite son" Andrew Johns *splutter, splutter* makes his return to State of Origin football for NSW after two years absence due to injury. Johns, whilst in form, is reputed to be the world's best rugby league player, and NSW must win this game or lose the series.

Well, this is full front page news in both The Sydney Morning Herald and Sydney's The Daily Telegraph. But here in his parochial home town, what's splashed across the front page of The Newcastle Herald? The Michael Jackson acquittal. Andrew Johns is relegated to the sports section.


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