Finish This Sentence

01 June 2005

always: want a nap.

never: trust John Howard.

would like: dinner

commit this Deadly Sin more often than the other six: gluttony. I've got really expensive taste in food.

have had how many boyfriends: two serious boyfriends (I was just joking about the others)

think: music now sucks, compared to the Ninties

did this for the very first time recently: found out I'm going to be on TV

want: A federal Labor government

try: to listen when other people are talking instead of prattling on about myself

feel: sore, but I've got my stitches in my scalp.

look: like I've abandoned all pretence to vanity.

might: buy socks tomorrow.

spend: hours staring out the window.

am afraid of: birds and heights.

like: sour fruit roll-ups

drive: into bridges.

hate: bigots.

propose: that it is to the benefit of the entire human race that I do not reproduce.

blog: not as often as I'd like.

love: Xander. That cat is my life

miss: the Nineties

prefer: drunk to sober

have ___ tattoos: Two. And another one very soon.

am going to: go get pizza with my mother, eat it, then go home and watch the intruders on Big Brother


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