Tai Chi, Chai Tea

26 June 2005
As you may have guessed if you read my blog with anything like regular frequency, I'm not a great one for exercising (and it's caught up with me; I may have a young face, but when I see myself in the full-length mirror whilst dressing, there can be no doubt that it has been a difficult quarter of a century since I was born). However, I've developed a major chai tea obsession. A friend encouraged me to try a cup. I was wary, as normally I hold any form of tea other than the plain black kind in the same regard as fake tan, addidas clothes and Young Liberals i.e. things I can well do without. But it smelt wonderful, tasted even better and now I need three or four cups to get me through the day. What I like best is it doesn't give you that "fuzzy mouth" feeling that you get from regular tea.


It's been a dead quiet weekend, just lots of DVDs and pizza. But it's good for me, and anyway I've got a busy July ahead; next weekend I'm off to Sydney for Vortex, then the following Saturday is the birthday (it's going to be great being 21...again...).

It's so amazing the way Xander is just so in tune with everything I do. Last night I was watching TV in the lounge room, and I could hear him scratching at the "naughty cupboard" (the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen, where I store the cleaning chemicals. He's not allowed to go in there, hence its attraction to him). The scratching stops, and he pokes his face around the door between the lounge room and kitchen as if to say, "What?!?"

Then he disappears and the scratching starts again.

Bad cat gets ten minutes of time out in the bathroom...returns to scratch again.

Xander:1 Nico:0


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