Random and Unecessary

Last night I was watching The Glasshouse on the ABC and they had a discussion about why your brain retains information you don't need.

Here's the thing...when the band Hanson were at the height of their brief popularity, my then 13-year-old sister had a somewhat large obsession with them.

Fast forward eight years, and she was discussing a recent TV appearance they made. And then I realised...I could remember the names of all of their brothers and sisters.

Why is my brain retaining that information? I don't need to remember that. And not in the sense that I don't need to remember seeing that photo of Alexander Downer wearing fishnet stockings (I've tried to find the image to post, so you all share my pain, but alas have been unable).


They're often telling us at work that we should boost our own morale.

So I bopped everyone in the office over the head with a flyswatter, and I feel much better.