Some Daft Company Wants To Employ Me

07 June 2005
Yep, I got a new job. Actually, a new job at my old workplace. You're now looking at the brand new Database Administrator (Well, you're reading about her anyway). This is way too much power for someone as Machiavellian as myself - I can take down the whole network at a single stroke! I start on Thursday.

This will hopefully cure me of a dreadful habit I've picked up lately; I can't seem to get out of bed before 1pm. Partly this is because I was told to rest, because of my stitches. But mostly it's because I've got a new mattress (I'd been sleeping on the old one I'd had since I was ten - ugh) and I just lie there thinking about how comfortable I am. The mattress is yet to be "broken in" if you get my drift. I'm yet to decide who will do the honours (let's be honest - it will be the first buff young thing I manage to persuade to go home from the pub with me).

My stitches come out tomorrow, thank cow. I haven't been able to wash my hair for a week. I know that as soon as I get home from the doctors, I'll wash it for probably ninety minutes straight! Also I'll be able to assess how bad the damage to my hair really is, and whether head-shaving will be required (if it is, I'm wearing a wig. no way am I going around bald). I might treat myself to a facial or something; I'm feeling a bit battered and not very attractive.


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