The Weekend Has Landed!

17 June 2005

I really have no right to crow; it was only a four day week, and I only work half days besides. Being thrilled that it's Friday seems like a guilty pleasure - but I don't have many of them to get excited about these days. Anyway I am as entitled as anyone else to take a break, even if there's not much to take a break from.

Actually truth be told, I am exhausted. I'm still not used to getting up early, and it's so hard to get out of bed when it's dark and cold. Xander snuggles in beside me when the alarm goes off, which makes it even worse. I am not a person who leaps out of bed, throws open the curtains and hollers, "Good morning world!" (Not that there's anything to see when I open the curtains except streetlights and fog). I like to lie in bed and listen to the radio for 10-15 minutes before I tear myself out from the blankets. Anyway, it doesn't take me that long to get ready - no breakfast, just a cup each of tea and coffee, and I don't wear make-up to work, though I do put on a bit of perfume to give me a little lift and cheer myself up. What does take time is Xander...change his water, top up his dry food, give him his wet food and wash the bowl after, tidy any mess he's made...and take care of any "tray business". I know it would save time if I could leave for work without making the bed, sometimes I think I'll do it, but then I realise "who am I kidding?". I cannot leave the house with the bed unmade!

It's not like I have any plans for the weekend, God knows I always mean to make some but never get around to calling anyone until it's 10:30pm on Saturday night when I think, "Well I would like to go out now", but by then it's too late. Anyway my hair looks a bit appaling...I'm a bit wary of dyeing it until a bit later, to give my head more time to heal. I'm sure no one would notice how faded it is in the dim light of a pub. I'm thinking of growing it again. And I'm sick of it being red...back in black for winter '05. I'd be interested in people's opinions, please leave any in the comments!

I've submitted The Xander and Nico Pod to Blog Hot or Not. So when I get listed, you'll all have to go rate me and say how sexy it is around here (ha ha, clumsy, short-sighted and dorky is the new sexy).

I just found out how much I would have been paid this week if the paperwork hadn't been stuffed up. My imaginary life is doing great!
Now back to pretending to work...


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