Being A Permanent Employee Is Great

11 June 2005
Everyone in the office yesterday was whooping it up because of the long weekend, and out of years of casual-employee habit I thought "Yeah, it's all right for means I don't get paid for the day." But then I realised "Wait a minute...yes I do!" I turn 26 in a few weeks, and this is the first time in my life I've had a permanent job, with sick leave, paid holidays etc. This is tremendous. It means I can take time off to go on the Einstein Factor, and also some friends and I are going on holiday in September. The trip was originally planned to be to Bali, but obviously not now. Everyone is saying, "Don't go to Bali, go to Fiji", but we thought we'll be patriotic and spend our money here, so we're going to Queensland.
*Wails* I wanna go back to Tahiti!!!

If you've been trying to get through to me and haven't been able, I apologise; my phone is dying. It needs to be charged every day whether there's any calls or not, and it constantly switches itself off for no apparent reason. (Just keep trying).

Not to worry though. When I get my tax refund, I'm going to get a new mobile phone...a top-of-the-line phone with all the whizz-bang latest technological features. I'm going to program the phone to continuously auto-dial John Howard's office. Then I'm going to hang the phone under the tale of a very large horse.


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