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It's The Good Girls Who Update Their Blogs; The Bad Girls Never Have The Time

Isn't it always the way? When you're actually doing things that are worth posting about, you're too busy doing them to post about it! That's my excuse for why I haven't been updating much lately. Because I'm ashamed of the truth - I'm completely addicted to Neopets . But don't tell anyone, okay? Well, work has been flat out - but I'll get to that in another post (I'm sure you can't wait) - however, it's my weekend's little foray into the land of Wake the Dead that I wanted to tell you about... I dyed my hair bright red for the occasion. Of all my hair colours, the intense red really is my favourite - it makes me feel like a different person. If only it wasn't so difficult to maintain! I use every colour booster there is, and still it fades. I'm not putting on black and red lace dress just shrank a bit whilst it was hanging in the wardrobe, that's all. On the train, the battery in my MP3 player ran out before

Just A Quick Thought

Today, I'd simply like to paraphrase the Desiderata : Remember, for all that the populace keeps electing Liberal governments, for all that there is so much we could do better, this is still a bloody great country. H a p p y A u s t r a l i a D a y ! !

Shopping Insanity, and Why I Am Not Sexy

Well, on Saturday I decided to celebrate my blogger birthday by going shopping with Boof and Funky. Nothing unusual about that, you may think, and you'd be correct; shopping is what we do best. We attack the mall with a ferocity that appalls onlooking teenagers (they may be younger and thinner, but we're older and we've got alot more money) emerging only when our cards are maxed out and we cannot physically carry any more bags to the car. If you ever come with us, wear sturdy shoes and bring a sturdier disposition. But this time was slightly different...I completely abandoned my usual caution when it comes to clothes and ended up purchasing an outfit which I just know I'll never end up wearing. It was of course, all Boof and Funky's faults. It started when we went to Pulp shoes...a very trendy shoe store. I only ever look at shoes in a hypothetical way. I buy a pair of Doc Marten's mary janes, wear them most days till they wear out (which usually takes several

From The Sublime, To The Ridiculous...That's Been My Blog

Well, if you can believe it (or even if you can't) it's my... Second Blog Anniversary ! Not bad, considering that when I started this thing I thought I'd post maybe half a dozen times and then get tired of it. (I don't know where all the time has gone. Same place as my youthful good looks, I guess.) When I started, Xander was just a kitten and I was...actually, living in the same place and working at the same place as I am now! (Though I've since been promoted and had a payrise). Do you know, I can't even remember how I came across Blogger. My best guess is, I stumbled across a blog I liked and figured I'd start one of my own. It's strange when I compare my posts now to my first post ...I had no idea what to say! Now, here we are. Thanks to blogging, I've honed my writing skills, learned so much about so many things, met some great people, and finally, I'm actually able to call myself a writer! Anyway, I'd like to dedicate this post to two o

All Is Not As It Seems

Apparently, everyone's favourite demented lunatic, Osama Bin Laden has released another audio tape (just when we all thought he was probably dead). Now that we're all scared silly of the great Boogeyman of our times...the upshot of it is, he's made his usual threats: "[Terror] operations are under preparation, and you will see them in your homes the minute they are through [with preparations], with God's permission," bin Laden warns. But in there was the offer of a conditional more attacks will be carried out if US forces pull out of Iraq. "We don't mind offering you a long-term truce on fair conditions that we adhere to," bin Laden says on the tape. "We are a nation that God has forbidden to lie and cheat. So both sides can enjoy security and stability under this truce so we can build Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been destroyed in this war." Did you get that? Osama didn't say, "We will Jihad until the infidels

Just Say What You Really Mean!

It's good to have a full time job. I accept that... as long as you have enough work to do. It's not so good when you're waiting and waiting and waiting for IT to connect you to the network, and in the meantime you've got to spend eight hours a day trying to look busy (try it! It's harder than it looks). Still, apparently my cubicle is the place to be seen. At least, that's the conclusion I have drawn, based on the fact that if I'm away for more than ten seconds, someone else in the office pops in and logs on to my workstation. I wouldn't mind so much...but you should see the state they leave the place in! I'm going to get a motion-detector camera for my cube, with a sound file attached. When the motion detector senses someone entering, the soundfile will be activated, with an authoritative voice saying: "You have entered Nicola's cubicle. Do NOT chew on her pens. Do NOT leave files on her chair. Do NOT use her phone to make long distance ca

Just Another Manic (Depressive) Monday

Scientists research all sorts of funky things these days. So I'm forced to wonder, why can't they do some research into a cure for Mondayitis? The lethargy seems to get everyone. Take me. I didn't have a busy or tiring weekend, and last night I was reading in bed at 9:30pm, lights out by 10pm. And for once, the neighbours did not stay up until 1am playing on their Playstation, thus rendering all sleep impossible. Anyway, I got nine hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, which is unprecendented. So why, this morning, do I feel as though I've just flown in from Europe? (because my arms are really tired! Guffaw, chortle). Actually, I am having problems with my left arm again, I can't fully extend it, or properly grip anything. This morning I couldn't even hold my toothbrush properly, and had to brush my teeth using my right hand. It was not an unqualified success. ~~~~~ Finally on Sunday, I achieved a long-held ambition - I finally purchased an MP3 player.I can&

I Took A Stroll With My Fame Down Memory Lane

(I never did find my way back) Recently I went to JB HiFi. Like the uber-hippatitis sufferer I am, I purchased some great stuff, like a CD of Nick Drake rareties, unreleased Black Grape singles (Japanese import only) and... OKAY, OKAY, I ADMIT IT! I bought the Take That Collection DVD! And I must say, watching it was bloody well marvellous. Such fun memories of adolescence. Such as it was - teenage girls always have infatuations with male pop stars who look like teenage girls. Anyway, their 1995 concert in Sydney was one of the highlights of my young life to that stage. Wathcing the video for Never Forget actually made me feel a bit teary this week - I was one of those screaming girls, and I would give anything to go back to those days for even a few moments, just to feel that hope and energy again. I'm not looking back at my teens through rose coloured glasses - most of my life was actually pretty damn unhappy, but I'll get to that a bit later on. Take That was an escape fro

Gentle...and Relax

For all that I whinge about my job (and regular readers will know, that is a lot ), it really isn't bad. We get free fruit, cheese and cake, reflexology and massage appointments, there's always drinks in the fridge for late in the day...the company looks after us. But I'm rather nonplussed by the latest development...weekly tai chi sessions. Nico don't exercise for no one. Everyone keeps telling me "Tai chi isn't'll enjoy it!". Frankly, I'm not buying it. As with the annual free flu shots (I don't believe in immunisation) I thinks that this is something I'll bypass. I just hope they dont make it compulsory. Remember in King Size Homer , my all time favourite episode of The Simpsons , when all the power plant employees are required to do calisthenics, and Homer hides in the toilet? Well, I rather fear that will be me. Anyway, I've come up with a new policy for dealing with problems at the office. I'm forever being told

Burn Baby Burn

Well, it's official: 2005 was Australia's hottest year on record . So, global warming is a reality - but people still blame heavy industry for this, because they are just too lazy and brainwashed to get out of their cars. Actually, the fact that the majority of greenhouse gases come from automotive emissions is something that the mainstream news media doesn't report; they don't want people to question their need for their moron mobiles, because they're afraid of losing the dollars from their automotive advertisers. Then you have complete miscreants like Piers Akerman, who claims global warming doesn't exist at all (would anyone else like to join me in forcing this man to the top of Sydney Tower, then kicking him down ALL the stairs?) But I'm not in anyone's pocket. However, if you're determined to stick with your car, nothing I say will change your mind. Just don't hypocritically claim to care about the environment. All of this is a rather roun

Life's Not Fair

It isn't fair that just when one is really getting used to the holidays, no longer wanting to go back to work, one is cruelly forced back into the office. "One" being me . So now it's back to the world of faxes, laptops, meetings, reviews...the only thing that's changed is my new desk calendar, which seems to have even lamer quotes than the one from last year, if that's possible. I'm not feeling too bad right now, but you watch; give it, ooh, three days, and I will be again seized with the urge to toss the photocopier out the window into the traffic (it's a good thing that that damn machine is so heavy). But at least I'll be posting regularly again. So you can all stop thinking for yourselves now, because I'm here. Actually, I'm rapidly approaching both the second anniversary of my blog, and my 400th post. So if I post nearly everyday, I should be able to hit both milestones on the same day. (I just realised how out of practice I am with ty

Hello Everyone!

And welcome back! I've been offline since Xmas, which at first felt like having an amputation, but I got used to it after a few days. This'll just be a quick post, as I only have a little while and hope to catch up with everyone! I had a good Xmas...sort of. Never got an MP3 player, sadly. For NYE I went to Sydney, which I was worried about - I hadn't spent new years in Sydney since the milennium - but it turned out to be fun (I hope that's an omen for the year to come). Xander and I have been coping with the heat as best we can. Who knows what 2006 shall bring? I've only made one resolution - learn the violin. I've always wanted to, so why not? My father went to a psychic before Xmas, and she told him I'll be getting married soon. To a very tall guy, apparently. I'm very sceptical (plus, I don't have a boyfriend, don't have a potential boyfriend, don't even have a crush on anyone particularly) but other things pychics have told him came true