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Hello Everyone!

And welcome back! I've been offline since Xmas, which at first felt like having an amputation, but I got used to it after a few days. This'll just be a quick post, as I only have a little while and hope to catch up with everyone!

I had a good Xmas...sort of. Never got an MP3 player, sadly. For NYE I went to Sydney, which I was worried about - I hadn't spent new years in Sydney since the milennium - but it turned out to be fun (I hope that's an omen for the year to come).
Xander and I have been coping with the heat as best we can.

Who knows what 2006 shall bring? I've only made one resolution - learn the violin. I've always wanted to, so why not? My father went to a psychic before Xmas, and she told him I'll be getting married soon. To a very tall guy, apparently. I'm very sceptical (plus, I don't have a boyfriend, don't have a potential boyfriend, don't even have a crush on anyone particularly) but other things pychics have told him came true, so you never know...


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