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03 January 2006

And welcome back! I've been offline since Xmas, which at first felt like having an amputation, but I got used to it after a few days. This'll just be a quick post, as I only have a little while and hope to catch up with everyone!

I had a good Xmas...sort of. Never got an MP3 player, sadly. For NYE I went to Sydney, which I was worried about - I hadn't spent new years in Sydney since the milennium - but it turned out to be fun (I hope that's an omen for the year to come).
Xander and I have been coping with the heat as best we can.

Who knows what 2006 shall bring? I've only made one resolution - learn the violin. I've always wanted to, so why not? My father went to a psychic before Xmas, and she told him I'll be getting married soon. To a very tall guy, apparently. I'm very sceptical (plus, I don't have a boyfriend, don't have a potential boyfriend, don't even have a crush on anyone particularly) but other things pychics have told him came true, so you never know...


  1. Last paragraph is v. Bridget Jones.

  2. Hmn, reading it back, it is a bit.


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