Just Another Manic (Depressive) Monday

16 January 2006

Scientists research all sorts of funky things these days. So I'm forced to wonder, why can't they do some research into a cure for Mondayitis? The lethargy seems to get
everyone. Take me. I didn't have a busy or tiring weekend, and last night I was reading in bed at 9:30pm, lights out by 10pm. And for once, the neighbours did not stay up until 1am playing on their Playstation, thus rendering all sleep impossible. Anyway, I got nine hours of uninterrupted sleep last night, which is unprecendented. So why, this morning, do I feel as though I've just flown in from Europe? (because my arms are really tired! Guffaw, chortle). Actually, I am having problems with my left arm again, I can't fully extend it, or properly grip anything. This morning I couldn't even hold my toothbrush properly, and had to brush my teeth using my right hand. It was not an unqualified success.


Finally on Sunday, I achieved a long-held ambition - I finally purchased an MP3 player.I can't get over new technology - the thing weighs 25 grams and is about the size of a stick of gum, yet it can hold 120 songs. I'd originally planned to get an iPod, but they cost twice as much for the same storage capacity, and everyone says that they break easily. There was a bit of drama after I bought it - I went to Boof's house so he could load some songs onto it (not too many, I didn't feel he should be stuck loading it all day; anyway, as I got most of the songs from his existing downloads, there's lots of Nineties and dance music on it). The songs loaded okay, but then we couldn't get the unit to switch on. We tried different batteries, worried about faults in the computer, all to no avail. I was gloomily picturing having to wait till next weekend to get a replacement, when as a last resort, I bought a new pack of Duracells. Eureka! Already I wonder how I ever survived without the thing. Now I can be as anti social as I please, sealed off in my own little world. No more having to listen to the asinine conversations of the schoolkids on the bus! Even better - I can go to Sydney without having to hear three hours of chatter chatter chatter in my head. (Well that's the theory - in practice, buying the player has left me a little broke...)


Ususally I try to a take philisophical approach when people say things I don't agree
with..."I don't agree with what you're saying, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." The major exception of course being Piers Akerman; the world would have been a better place if he'd been smothered to death at birth. But I was really, really furious when I read an interview with Fred Nile on Saturday in The Herald, regarding the film Brokeback Mountain. Amongst other things, the adorable Mr Nile said that "the homosexual lobby is now as powerful as the Negroes" and "we're not worried about active homosexuals seeing the film, but we're worried about teenage boys who will think that this lifestyle is acceptable."
Now maybe I wouldn't mind but (I bet you saw this coming) - he hasn't even seen the film!
It always seems to be the way when someone wants something banned - that they have no idea what they're actually talking about. I particularly remember, back in 1999 when
Lolita was due for release in Australia, various family groups were up in arms, trying to have the film banned on the grounds that it would "promote paedophilia". Suprise, suprise, none of them had seen the film; few of them had even read the book. No matter. Margaret Pomeranz organised a pre-release screening so the wowsers could see what the film was actually about, but few showed up.
It was eventually released, and seven years on, I've yet to hear of anyone on trial for child sex offences who said in his or her defence, "Lolita made me do it."

But I suppose teenage boys are meant to walk out of Brokeback Mountain thinking, "Oh boy, now I really want to experience some man-love!"

As I wrote here a fair while ago,
I once passed by Fred Nile walking through Sydney. I couldn't think of anything to say to him at the time, but I wish I had, and I've been coming up with witticisms ever since. At any rate, although I don't like going to the movies (I just don't like sitting in the dark for two or more hours with strangers, and get rather claustrophobic) and am not really interested in a cowboy story, and I don't much like Heath Ledger, I'm going to go see Brokeback Mountain, just to be contrary. You should all try to do the same (unless of course, you happen to be a teenage boy. In that case - watch out!)


  1. iRiver's are a lot better that iPods. I bought my boyfriend an iRiver for Christmas and he uses it ALL the time. His sister has an iPod ((she has had it for a year)) and it's already stuffed.
    Not many people are aware of iRiver - It's Microsoft's version, and it doesn't use that infernal iTunes, which takes over EVERYTHING.
    It's got great sound on it too! :)

  2. I hadn't even heard of the iRiver! I shopped around a bit and didn't see any. But I'd heard (almost) nothing but bad things about iPods. What got me was that my MP3 cost me $60 for 512MB, the iPod mini is $149...

  3. That's a great price!
    512MB is all you really need ((well I think so anyway)). I bought Ben the 20Gig iRiver because he's in a band and he can record demos and things alike.
    iRiver don't advertise as much as iPod, so I guess that's why people don't know about them.
    iPods seem to break a lot and their battery power isn't as much as they say!

  4. It's always nice to hear you got something cheap. I comparison shopped for ages and bought it at Strathfield (the shop, not the suburb).

    20Gig - could you ever even use all that? How many songs is it? Is it a big unit?

  5. It's about 10,000 songs ((or 600 hours of music listening)), so he wouldn't use it all thats for sure!
    It's also got a voice recorder, radio, digital photo viewer - And it's about the size of a men's wallet. It's about 165 grams in weight, so not that heavy ((as I thought it might be)).
    I also shopped for ages to find the right one. I mean I knew he wanted it, but some places charge $50-$100 more than its worth! Dick Smith had a good price on it, it was $5 more than what JB HI FI were selling it for, but they wouldn't let me lay by it ((which I needed because I didn't have all the cash))! JB HI FI won't lay by anything under $500 :/

  6. I can never understand why people buy electrical equipment from places like Myer...rich idiots I guess.

    I didn't need my MP3 player with losts of fancy features, I've got a pretty expensive phone with all the bells and whistles. I didn't even care about a display screen - as long as it played songs.


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