All Is Not As It Seems

20 January 2006

Apparently, everyone's favourite demented lunatic, Osama Bin Laden has released another audio tape (just when we all thought he was probably dead). Now that we're all scared silly of the great Boogeyman of our times...the upshot of it is, he's made his usual threats:

"[Terror] operations are under preparation, and you will see them in your homes the minute they are through [with preparations], with God's permission," bin Laden warns.

But in there was the offer of a conditional more attacks will be carried out if US forces pull out of Iraq.

"We don't mind offering you a long-term truce on fair conditions that we adhere to," bin Laden says on the tape. "We are a nation that God has forbidden to lie and cheat. So both sides can enjoy security and stability under this truce so we can build Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been destroyed in this war."

Did you get that? Osama didn't say, "We will Jihad until the infidels are destroyed, and the world converts to Islam." He said in effect, "You stay out of our backyard, we'll stay out of yours."

The US Government has said it doesn't negotiate with terrorists. That's their perogative, I guess. Dick Cheney has also said that we can't believe Bin Laden.
The safe alternative, I guess, is to
trust Cheney.

So...we've seen the efforts of the news media over the last few years to bring us the "truth". What can we believe? That Osama is not the complete monster that the US government wants us to think he is?

I'm NOT defending Osama, or terrorists. I think September 11 was a horrendous thing. But so is the number of
Iraqi civillians and Coalition soldiers killed because of the lies told to us by...our own governments (The US, UK and Australia).

Who are the terrorists and who can we trust?

Food for thought.


  1. As much as i don't agree with the lies and misleading that led to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, I just refer to the thousands/millions of Iraq and Afganistan residents who praise the coalition for setting them free from their reespective dictators.

    Its the same old story though... whatever is in the news, gets people upset. Everyone has long since forgotten about the genicide in Africa in the past 15 years. Or the MILLIONS that died in WW2. The advantage of hindsight tells us that England and her allies didn't act early enough in WW2... and gave Nazi Germany enough time to sweep through 4 or 5 nations before they made a stand.

    If the US doesnt make this stand now, who knows what could happen. But we don't have the advantage of hindsight when it applies to the present, do we?

  2. No, hindsight has a funny way of being 20/20.

    In the link about Cheney though (TV Lies), there's much evidence of life being worse in Iraq for people today.

    We can look to the past for guidance, but it doesn't always help: 30 years of taking the Holocaust seriously did nothing to prevent Cambodia.

    I was never in favour of the invasion of Iraq, but even so, I believe that right now is the time for Coalition troops to withdraw.

    My main point though, was the about what Osama said...he's offered a truce! To me that flies in the face of everything we've been told about the man.

  3. Or it tells us he is starting to feel the pressure... as another year sets in, and the Yanks are still trying to put his head on a stick. They havent gone away yet.

    I dont give a shit if Osama broke all records for the amount of children he gives money to through sponsoring programs. I would love to see his organs spread over a football field. Same goes for anyone else who believes their god and faith gives them the right to kill those who don't follow their faith. Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Beckham.


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