Mark Latham Goes Bling Bling

Wednesday, 14 April 2004
From The Daily Telegraph (and here's me thinking April Fools was two weeks ago):

FEDERAL Opposition leader Mark Latham today promised the young people of Australia more "bling-bling".

Mr Latham made the pledge during a light-hearted interview on Perth's Nova 93.7 FM radio, where he was schooled on how to appear more "cool" than Prime Minister John Howard.

The Labor leader was given a T-shirt emblazoned with a new moniker Lath-Daddy, a pimp-style cap with a feather in it, and a hip-hop theme song: 'Lath-Daddy's in the house. Which house? The Lower House'.

"We're going to take that all the way to Lodge," Mr Latham declared.

The Opposition Leader was told that to win over youthful voters he needed to talk the talk, using phrases like "bling-bling" - an American hip-hop term referring to flashy jewellery.

"Youth of Australia, Labor's policy is bling-bling," said Mr Latham.

"Bling-bling for everyone."

He clearly got the message across, because soon afterwards a listener, Adriana, rang the station to say he had won her vote.

"Bling-bling is the best policy I have had so far," quipped Mr Latham, who also demonstrated his "coolness" by correctly identifying singer Pete Murray as cooler than Anne Murray.

He (Mr Latham) stumbled when asked what was currently considered the new black.

"Gay is the new black," he was informed by the presenters.

Mr Latham also suggested federal Treasurer Peter Costello was in need of an extreme makeover from the cast of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, but said although Mr Howard's eyebrows were enormous, they were not yet long enough for a comb-over.


On Favourite Books

Wednesday, 7 April 2004

Playing Portishead last night and feeling decadent, I decided to compose a list of my favourite five books. This took alot longer than I expected. Let me begin by telling you about my bookcase. It arrived raw pine, in a kit, from my mother three years ago. I finished, varnished and assembled it myself, and I am so proud that what was once a pile of bare wood is now a huge, elegant showpiece in my lounge room. Anyway, I spent about 2 hours last night in front of it, taking books down and returning them, muttering " can I leave this out...I don't like this that much..." etc.
After all that, I finally arrived at the list, in alphabetical order:

Paula Isabel Allende (non fiction)
I love the way she writes. This is just a beautiful, informative story - autobiography intertwined with the tale of watching over her dying daughter. And the ending is my favourite ending of any book.

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen (fiction)
What could I say about this book that hasn't been said already? It sparkles.

Wild Swans Jung Chang (non fiction)
A staggering epic of a family and a nation's history, by far the best of all the Chinese personal histories. By turns heart-breaking, moving, funny, thought provoking, it practically reads itself.

The Virgin Suicides Jeffrey Eugenedies (fiction)
Please don't let the mediocre movie put you off this luminous, enigmatic story. The tale of the five sisters and the boys who are obsessed with them will haunt you long after you've turned the final page.

Fever Pitch Nick Hornby (non fiction)
This is hilarious - Hornby is one of my all time favourite writers. It's also extremely well written, contains lots of insightful social commentary, and is well worth reading even if you hate soccer (or, if like me, you hate Arsenal - beat your asses at the FA Cup, ha ha!).
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