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My Centrelink Payment Was Cancelled. The Reason Why Will Shock You

Sorry, I've gone for a clickbait title here, but honestly. You won't believe this, or maybe you will, but anyway. If you thought the man with possible schizophrenia having to go through the job search process was tragedy, this is just farce. I've been on a medical exemption with Centrelink since last year due to mental health issues. They've assessed me as having 8 hours a week capacity to work, so I still have to do the whole job network malarkey, attending fortnightly appointments and applying for all the litany of jobs welcoming potential employees only available 8 hours a week. Which isn't great but that's life. But then I developed a nasty foot condition called plantar fascitis, which isn't dangerous or anything, but makes walking pretty bloody painful. Getting to appointments was pretty much impossible. So I went to my doctor, he filled out a Centrelink medical certificate for me, I uploaded it to the Centrelink website, and went about my days, expect

Good girls can have abortions, bad girls can go to hell

Disappointing but unsurprising news today, that the NSW government has voted against decriminalising abortion Yes, in Australia's most populous state in 2017, abortion remains technically a crime. The usual arguments came out in the public debate, including that old chestnut from pro lifers, abortion is bad but we must make exceptions in cases of rape or incest. Let's unpack that, shall we? By making exceptions for cases of rape or incest, pro lifers, who state their belief that life begins at conception, are okay with the deaths of some babies. That the babies of rape victims aren't quite as murdered as the shameless hussies who willingly had sex. It's nonsense is what it is. Either all life begins at conception, making all abortion murder, or it doesn't. "Exceptions for cases of rape or incest" have nothing to do with saving babies and everything to do with controlling and judging women.  The "good" women who got pregnant through no fault of t