Pauline Hanson Weaponises Her Wilful Ignorance. Why Can’t We Call It Out?

18 January 2020
This post was originally published on New Matilda. Reproduced with permission.

Pauline Hanson has learnt nothing. With the recent bushfire crisis and the outpouring of evidence, from the Rural Fire Service to bushfire experts from around Australia, stating that the fires were largely not caused by arsonists or lack of fuel reduction burns, but were exacerbated by climate change, Hanson has used her media platform to repeat the false information spreading on social media via another of her regular spots on Seven Sunrise.

If the government doesn’t provide leadership, then what’s the point of having a government?

12 January 2020
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already shown a tin ear when it comes to the devastating fires affecting Australia this bushfire season. As we moved from spring to the height of the summer bushfire season – and with bushfires already having devastated large parts of northern New South Wales, destroying hundreds of homes, and smoke choking cities along the east coast – he went on holidays to Hawaii, compounding his ignorance of the requirements of high office by having his staff spend several days lying about his being on holiday and seeming to blame his kids for his absence at a time of national crisis; that the trip was in order to keep a promise he made to his children.

But just as it was becoming painfully apparent that Morrison just doesn’t get it when it came to the need for strong leadership in the face of the unprecedented bushfire disaster, he started to get it less.

MEGA LINKS POST - the truth about the Greens, bushfires and backburnings

04 January 2020
As the horror summer of bushfires continues in Australia, we keep seeing the zombie rumours that the scale of the fires are the fault of the Greens preventing back burning operations, allowing for the build up of fuel in fire prone areas. This post is a collection of reliable and verifiable sources with the as much info as I can find, showing the truth about the Greens fire policies, back burning, climate change, arson, the role of the Morrison government, and a whole lot of other misinformation about the fires.

Ladies, let men tell you how to Make Women Great Again

01 January 2020
Ah, new year, new you. It's time to make New Year's Resolutions to become a fitter, happier, more productive self. No really, this year you're going to walk 10,000 steps a day, hit the gym three times a week, cut out simple carbohydrates and limit yourself to clear spirits on religious holidays. It's going to be great. You're going to be great.

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