Ladies, let men tell you how to Make Women Great Again

01 January 2020
Ah, new year, new you. It's time to make New Year's Resolutions to become a fitter, happier, more productive self. No really, this year you're going to walk 10,000 steps a day, hit the gym three times a week, cut out simple carbohydrates and limit yourself to clear spirits on religious holidays. It's going to be great. You're going to be great.

But what if you're a bit undisciplined, a bit feckless, a bit of a disaster? What if you've been thinking to yourself "you know what I need to get my life in order? The advice of a whole bunch of men's rights activists"? You're in luck. Let me introduce you to what those men's rights activists are calling the world's ultimate event for women, by men - The 22 Convention aka the conference to Make Women Great Again.  The 22 Convention promises "to help supercharge your personal growth on the path to becoming your very own ideal woman", as long as that woman's ideals are to land a husband and pop out sprogs.

Another angry feminist trying to act like all the men with red stacked bobs and arched eyebrows. Anyway maybe she's angry cause some big lug who wasn't looking where he was going barged into her.

For three days next May, at the bargain price of $USD1,999 you can join the eager hordes in Orlando at the Ultimate Mansplaining Event, ready to hear everything that's wrong with you from the stars of the manosphere. The speaking line up is entirely male, because who better than to tell women what to do than men?

Before you rush to buy your tickets though, you should know that Make Women Great Again is limited to natural born women only, so I'm not sure where they stand on allowing women born by c-section, or who were conceived by IVF. $2000, not including travel or accommodation, is a lot to spend to not be able to get in, so may we suggest contacting the organisers well in advance to see if they require a medical certificate proving your 46XX status for entry.

Conference head honcho is Anthony "Dream" Johnson, self proclaimed "1st President of the Manosphere" seen here declaring "men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos".

The graphic is taken from a blog post by Lori Alexander, aka The Transformed Wife. Ms Alexander is a fundamentalist "Christian" who has taken a couple of Bible verses from the letters of Paul claiming that women should be in submission to their husbands and solely devoted to home making, and has used them to create a space in the fundie sphere, with a blog, Instagram and Facebook page dedicated to repeating her words of wifely submission thousands of times. Ms Alexander, who dismisses all Bible verses that contradict her views, including the words of Jesus himself, as being "taken out of context" (funny how the Biblical inerrancy crowd become all about context when the Bible says something they don't like) believes that the education system creates slaves, that strong women weaken men, that abused women have provoked their husbands and that marital rape is not a thing. I'm planning on posting specifically about Ms Alexander and her ilk at a later date, but ladies, if you want an example of the kind of woman the 22 Convention wants you to be, look no further than Lori Alexander.

But lest you think the 22 Convention is simply men profiting off of the work of women, they've got tonnes of men with their own admonitions for you. Speakers include such noted thinkers as Stefan Molyneux, who devotes himself to the cause of personal liberty by telling women what to do and how to think.

And who wouldn't want to maximise your attractiveness to this man, am I right ladies?

Alexander J.A. Cortes, who came to attention recently when this Twitter post of his went viral:

The "manosphere" reported delightedly that feminists were outraged by this post, when in fact we were just laughing to ourselves and saying "fuck that. We busy".

There's also the bodily fluid obsessed Pizzagate promoter Mike Cernovich, who believes in white genocide, pussy privilege, and that rape is the natural form of sex.

I know you're a homophobe Mike, but some gay friends could tell you not to wear that shithouse shirt.

And white guy with beard

after white guy with beard

after white guy with beard

Nothing like life advice from a middle aged man in a Superman shirt

after white guy with beard

after white guy with beard.

Building a family cult? I think they've built one already.

Not that the 22 Convention doesn't have tonnes of advice for you, even if some of it is a Organisers declare themselves against radical feminists, even though it's the trans exclusionary radical feminists who agree with their view that trans women aren't women (if ticket sales wind up being a bit slow, maybe they could offer a special discount for TERFs). There's plenty of lauding of the value of motherhood, never mind that most feminists, just like most women in general, end up having kids. The conference website posts scary sounding statistics, like stating that 90% of a woman's eggs are dead by age 30, never mind that that's part of the natural process, a woman is born with millions of eggs that start to dissolve (not die) straight away, so that she'll have lost 75% of the eggs she was born with by puberty. There's still 100,000s left; fertility doesn't begin to seriously decline til around age 37.

There's also some tips on diet and exercise, railing against obesity rates and the rise of body positivity, though I'm not sure why they needed this photo of a thin, not obese woman to make the point:

But hey, if you've ever inserted two slices of pizza into your mouth and been unsure how to proceed from there, the 22 Conference is for you.

There's advice on love and dating, and if you've ever wondered where all the men have gone, the 22 Conference wants you to know men are thinking the same thing, and I wonder why they don't just build a dating app for like minded men and women instead of flogging $2000 conference tickets.

And in the effort to make you their your ideal woman, the 22 Conference boasts it will increase your femininity 500%. As with the natural born woman thing, I'm not sure if there's scientific verification of this increase, but according to conference organisers "for the past several hundred thousand years of human life on this planet, masculine men have preferred feminine women in all areas of life; from the kitchen to the bedroom, dating to relationships, marriage, family, and beyond." Never mind that for most of those hundreds of thousands of years women were too occupied by childbearing, disease, and the back breaking labour required for daily survival to master the luxurious barrel curls of their ideal woman:

let alone to sit around in pretty dresses and white tights with baskets of flowers. But I'm worried about the men here. If the main areas of life of manosphere men only extend from the kitchen to the bedroom, no wonder they're so angry; they really should get out more often.

But if any women reading this are thinking "hey this conference sounds pretty good, I think I might sign up", let me save you a lot of money. Women don't have to spend $2000 to listen to a bunch of strange, virginal men convinced of women's inferiority tell them that their value in life is limited to acting submissive, landing a husband and popping out babies. The Catholic Church will be more than happy to do that for free.


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