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10 January 2006

Well, it's official: 2005 was Australia's hottest year on record. So, global warming is a reality - but people still blame heavy industry for this, because they are just too lazy and brainwashed to get out of their cars. Actually, the fact that the majority of greenhouse gases come from automotive emissions is something that the mainstream news media doesn't report; they don't want people to question their need for their moron mobiles, because they're afraid of losing the dollars from their automotive advertisers.

Then you have complete miscreants like Piers Akerman, who
claims global warming doesn't exist at all (would anyone else like to join me in forcing this man to the top of Sydney Tower, then kicking him down ALL the stairs?)

But I'm not in anyone's pocket. However, if you're determined to stick with your car, nothing I say will change your mind. Just don't hypocritically claim to care about the environment.

All of this is a rather roundabout (and pontificating) way of getting to my main point; fears of rising sea levels in the South Pacific. To quote from
ABC's Pacific Beat: "Australia's opposition Labor Party has challenged the country's government to offer the people of Pacific states hospitality if, or when, they become 'environmental refugees'. The policy debate comes amid claims that global warming could make some Pacific islands uninhabitable within the next decade. There are now growing fears that the people of low-lying island countries in the region, including Tuvalu and Kiribati, may become refugees as a result of rising sea levels as soon as 2050."

The Federal Government has derided this plan, saying that they have strategies in place to deal with rising sea levels in the South Pacific.
I'm sure they do. I bet the government is stockpiling water wings to send over when things get really damp.


In yesterday's post, I stated optimistically that it would take me at least three days to lose my temper with the office photocopier.
Well, I'm sorry to have to report that it only took me three hours. Someone had adjusted all the settings so that no matter what I did, my double-sided A4 copies came out on single sheets of A3 paper. The Receptionist saw me raising my fist and said "No, what you have to do is be nice to it!" She seems to think that you need to be nice to everything in this world. HAH!
So I pretended to be nice to the machine, but when no one was looking I swiftly gave it a kick.
You may say that if I'm defeated by a standard piece of simple office equipment, then I am really not ready to fully cope with the demands of the modern adult world. But you haven't come across this photocopier. It's horrid. It's nasty. It's evil.
Plus, The Boss returned from his holidays today...four days early. You can imagine what Happy Little Vegemites were all were upon realising this.


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