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"Children are Sacred" - Let's Be Sensible

Nick Hornby wrote in recent years that if Jaws was made today, the movie wouldn't be about the shark, but the little boy it eats early on in the film; his death, the community's reaction to it. That's how much times have changed, to place children at the very pinnacle of society. In fact, things have gone too far, leading to a sort of mass hysteria regarding the welfare of children. The latest beat-up, led - do I even have to say it? - by the Daily Telegraph is the DOCS mix up . A DOCS worker arrived at a primary school to take a child to a medical appointment. A staff member at the school office confused the child with another girl with the same first name and similar surnames,and fetched that child by mistake instead. The "wrong" child questioned what was going on, the DOCS worker realised the error, and the whole thing was soon sorted out. No harm done and that should have been an end to the matter, right? No. Apparently the parents of the "mistaken"

Serious Blog Fail

You know you're in trouble with the serious blog stuff when you come to reflect on Kevin Rudd's first year in office and all you can think is, "Did Michael Jackson convert to Islam because he thought his 72 virgins would be young boys?" So George W. Bush plans to open his Presidential library . Could this be the first presidential library to feature pop-up books? Watching the Australian Idol final last night made me realise how bad the economic situation is. They couldn't even afford the fee to get inside the Opera House. I had been going to wander down and see the show, but I've been putting off organising my teatowels for so long, I tackled that last night instead. Speaking of Rudd, the general consensus from Daily Telegraph readers is that Rudd is doing a bad job. Of course, these are people who think interest cuts are wonderful news, not a sign the economy is in bad shape. They also fail to understand that huge budget surpluses are bad economic policy -

Eye on Sydney

Newtown Festival Fountain, CBD Fake Bus Stop This last one is in the grounds, not of a pre-school, but of a nursing home. I found that inexplicably sad.

What are they Doing at McDonalds?

Recently re-reading Morgan Spurlock's Don't Eat This Book , I was left with a horrified feeling of "Wow, McDonalds is even more evil than I thought". Because even reading about the disgusting things that go into McDonalds food, the terrible effects it has on the body, and the fact that there's now a McDonalds restaurant at Dachau , I couldn't stop thinking, "I'd really like a Big Mac". On the face of it, I'd be the last person you'd expect to eat McDonalds. I love good food, and I love cooking. My idea of a great dinner is oven roasted salmon with a delicate sauce. I've eaten at great restaurants. I love the artistry of cooking a risotto, or carefully flavouring a recipe I'm making up as I go along. I also worry about what goes into my body, and know that McDonalds is about the worst thing possible. It's not just that it's high in fat - it's dehydrated, frozen, reheated Frankenfood - the stuff doesn't even rot! Wha


Thirteen years of hell*, all forgotten * Combined Howard/Bush years

Sunday in Sydney

Iberian Plaza The Chinese female swim team wants to know what steroids this guy is on. I wish this was still in style - this outfit would be very flattering to my figure. From the Art Gallery of NSW No Obeject Implies the Existence Of Any Other - Except for Xander and I. Polaris Hyde Park Doomed to spend eternity vomiting into a fountain. I said I wanted to come back as a turtle; maybe this is to be my fate. Woolloomooloo