What are they Doing at McDonalds?

Recently re-reading Morgan Spurlock's Don't Eat This Book, I was left with a horrified feeling of "Wow, McDonalds is even more evil than I thought". Because even reading about the disgusting things that go into McDonalds food, the terrible effects it has on the body, and the fact that there's now a McDonalds restaurant at Dachau, I couldn't stop thinking, "I'd really like a Big Mac".

On the face of it, I'd be the last person you'd expect to eat McDonalds. I love good food, and I love cooking. My idea of a great dinner is oven roasted salmon with a delicate sauce. I've eaten at great restaurants. I love the artistry of cooking a risotto, or carefully flavouring a recipe I'm making up as I go along. I also worry about what goes into my body, and know that McDonalds is about the worst thing possible. It's not just that it's high in fat - it's dehydrated, frozen, reheated Frankenfood - the stuff doesn't even rot! What is it doing inside your system?

Then, of course, I'm opposed to big multinational corporations that do all those horribly evil things we hear about, like destroying the rainforest, swamping local culture, exploiting workers, and creating a bland McWorld of conformity.

So why then do I regularly get urges for McDonalds food? Before I went on a recent diet, I'd give in about once a fortnight. I'd always hate myself afterwards (I'm now at an age where food repeats on me) but I can't deny I would enjoy it while I was eating it. Even now, enjoying salads and fruits - and I really am - I get cravings for Big Macs. I actually enjoyed Burger King burgers more, but I never developed the cravings I get for McDonalds.

My theory? McDonalds lace their food with addictive chemicals. Why wouldn't they? Think about it. 70% percent of McDonalds patrons are what they themselves define as "heavy users" - people who visit the store once a week or more. There are another 22% of "super heavy users", who eat McDonalds food 4-5 times a week. They're hooked. I once didn't eat McDonalds for two years. Whatever I was hooked on was after a while completely out of my system. I'd rather have rummaged through a garbage bin for food than obtained it from the Golden Arches. Then a coworker, unasked for, bought me a chicken caesar deli choices roll for lunch. I ate it (the alternative was throwing the thing away), and sure enough, the bastards had me once more.

Now I must live with the consequences of my addiction. I'm going cold turkey - if I break my diet, I'm determined it won't be over McDonalds. Damn them though.


  1. Not eating meat has really turned me off McDonald's. There's nothing there for me anymore.
    I used to eat it twice a week :(

  2. How long have you been off meat for?

  3. A few months. Every few weeks I might have a small amount of chicken or fish but I can't stand red meat.

  4. i too am a disturbed addict to this stuff. i have cut back, though - now it's more like every fortnight or so.

    but i do get cravings....

  5. We're all victims in the end.

  6. invader zim said it best...

    "you and your... meats of evil"

  7. I'm a vegetarian yet I still find myself craving KFC every once in a while even though I hate the company and the actual idea of biting into one of their pieces of chicken makes me feel sick.

    Even when I did eat meat and would fulfill my cravings I would always be disappointed.

    Commercial conditioning is an evil thing and I am a sucker for it :)

  8. Those fast food companies have more to answer for than they ever actually will.

    (N.B. As I was typing the above, I accidentally typed "evil" instead of "ever". True!)


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