Sikamikanico in America


It's all the fault of The Strokes. 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles was hot, dirty and confusing. I love it.

The Road to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon

Las Vegas was all of my worst nightmares in 80 foot neon. As the world's largest hole in the ground goes, the Grand Canyon is certainly that hole. The joy is in the open road.

The Big Easy in New Orleans

Nawlins will always be one of my favourite places in the US and I had a great time in the French Quarter and cemeteries even though I got cat fished by Jehovahs Witnesses and rejeceted by European backpackers.

New York: so good I went there twice

Orgasmic sandwiches, fabulous art, endless wanderings, the world's worst hotel and a hook up. All that and more in New York.

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