Election 2004 Hangover

10 October 2004
What words can be used to describe how I feel right now?

Devastated. Inconsolable. Gutted.

Sitting in an internet cafe bawling, and I can't help it.

An increased majority. Not just that. Control of the Senate. Can anyone remember that before?

Last night, as the news came through, I kept up a pleasant face because I didn't want to spoil Brooke's birthday (otherwise a great night; I'll tell you about it when I calm down). But this morning, listening to the radio I just couldn't help myself, startling my cat by punching the wall and sobbing. I just wanted Labor to win so badly. I want to go to the house of every person who voted Liberal, shake them and ask WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? For once I just wanted us stiffs to get a break. I want to yell at everyone else in the boiler room here, who are playing games as if everything was okay.

Goodbye Xander. When their winter is over, I'll be looking for the number for Aer Lingus.


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