A Letter To The Newcastle Herald

Now, I hope you will all cut out my letter and have it laminated or, preferably, framed. But for those who don't live here and cannot purchase the paper, I'll copy the letter below. But first, a bit of background: My neighbourhood mostly consists of weatherboard cottages which have been converted into flats. Most of us are young singles or couples, with a few seniors. None of us have a lot of money, but it's a nice enough place, with no winos sucking on bottles of turps or gangs of disaffected youth. And into all this, the local council has seen fit, in its infinite wisdom, to put a ten-storey executive apartment complex. Anyway, here is the letter:

"Why did Lake Macquarie Council ever give building approval for the Alto apartments? I have spoken to people all over Newcastle, and they all agree that the building is an ugly eyesore, a blight on the city landscape.Furthermore, those of us who live near the building have been subjected to constant, dreadful noise for months...construction noise during the day, then night roadworks."


On the other hand, great news...I've been offered my old job back. Just for a week, but I hope it will be extended. I get to sit in an air conditioned office, with people I like, doing an easy job, with unlimited internet access...You mean they're paying me for this?!