Send In The Clowns

I'd like to share with you what I believe may be the single funniest thing that I have ever read. It's from Dilbert writer Scott Adams, sharing a reader tale of workplace hell:

"Today wasn't a good day. The service centre people were already a bit edgy due to a worldwide ATM outage. Then, about 9AM, the system starts to crap out. People can't access the network. Calls get backed up.

Then an announcement says there's no water to the building. We're told to stay out of the bathrooms. And since the water was out, that meant the air conditioning is out too, since it requires water. It was getting hot in here.

Then management made one of their power decisions...
They sent in the clowns.

No not senior management. Those clowns would never come down here.

I'm talking about real clowns. Management went out and hired a troop of floppy-shoed, white-faced, red-nosed, mop-haired, horn-tooting drama class drop-outs to come in and "entertain the troops".

So to recap: network out, temperature unbearable, no water, no toilets, phone calls backed up, chaos everywhere you look.
And clowns roaming the building.

But the clowns did improve morale - you had to laugh at the fact that the best solution management could come up with was to HIRE CLOWNS.