15 Year Anniversary of the Newcastle Earthquake

28 December 2004

What a strange thought. It was the scariest thing you can imagine, I think more so now looking back. We had only lived in Newcastle for a few months at the time, so it didn't quite have the impact it might have if we'd been more familiar with the city. Thinking about it now...the whole of the CBD was cordoned off, for days; there was hardly a building that wasn't badly damaged. It's very hard for me now to look at photos or video footage from the time; although Newcastle has changed alot since then, you can still see so many familiar landmarks, in shreds.

As for our personal experience...we had no idea it was an earthquake. I mean, you don't expect an earthquake in Australia, do you? My sister and I were playing in our bedroom, when it was as if a giant hand grabbed our house and wrenched it from side to side. Our toys fell off the shelves. My sister and I were screaming, and ran to our mother. The power and phone were off, so we found out what happened by listening to the car radio. But for awhile no one knew what was going on.

Well that's my earthquake story, anyone want to share theirs?


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