Facing Robin Sellick

21 January 2005
Today I popped along to the Newcastle Region Art Gallery, where there is an exhibition on, "Facing Robin Sellick". It's an exhibition on photographic portraits of Australian and International celebrities, all taken by Australian photographer Robin Sellick.

Now, I normally enjoy photographic portraiture, but I must say, I was absolutley delighted by this. The photos, were so unusual, so creative, each one could absorb your attention for fully ten minutes. And there was such a variety of subjects...from the Bananas in Pajamas to Tex Perkins, John Laws, Portia de Rossi, John Howard, You Am I, Judith Lucy...and many more. From the international contingent there included Tiny Tim, KD Lang, Thom Yorke, Michael Parkinson, Brian Molko (and Clive James kinda straddling the local/overseas gap). There was even a very witty and innovative self-portrait of the photographer, dressed in bondage gear! Anyway, the exhibition runs until January 30 and it's FREE, so I highly recommend getting along to see it.


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