Things That Disillusion Me About Humanity

03 January 2005
Things that disillusion me about humanity, #1:

Some creepoid hacked into the Necro forum, removed all the posts and furthermore, sent everyone of the members a dirty email. Jared (who's on holidays in Japan) worked for hours to restore what we could, but there's no posts left since before he reset the forum a few days ago. And why did they do this? Because they took offence at some remarks on how many members are gay or bi, and they did it now because they knew Jared, as web admin, would be away.

Things that disillusion me about humanity, #2:

Xander was sitting on the front windowsill, which is about 50cm away from the footpath, watching the world go by as he does. Three kids in their early teens walked by, and saw him. One of them saw Xander and started making growling and screaming noises at him. Xander bolted. The others were in hysterics: "Cool, you scared the shit out of that cat!" Then, would you believe it, they came back to do it again. Of course, Xander wasn't in the windowsill that time; he was cowering in my arms, eyes bulging, whilst I whispered in his ear, "It's okay baby, Mummy's here, nothing bad will happen to you."

What kind of sick fucks get their jollies from scaring animals? I don't normally swear on my blog, so maybe you'll get the extent of my anger.

It's a shame he's scared to sit there now. There are alot of people in the area - especially the kids walking home from primary school - who know who he is and call out "Hello Xander!" if he's sitting there when they walk past.

That DOES restore my faith im humanity. Along with the way everyone rallied when the forum was trashed. Not to mention, all the money that's been raised to help in Asia.

There I go getting all sappy. Sorry.


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