A Small Stand Against Sexism

23 February 2005
Yesterday morning, I took an ethical stand which I'm quite proud of.

I was on the way to work, sitting towards the back of the bus. The bus was pretty crowded, and on the backseat were a bunch of 15/16 year old schoolgirls. They were chatting away, but not being loud or obnoxious by any means. Anyway, this ugly, fat middle aged guy got on. It was by then standing room only, but he forced his way down the back of the bus, shoved his hefty form onto the backseat and said to the girls in a loud
voice, "I'm going to sit with you and make you all uncomfortable". Well of course, they all went silent in shock, but I gave him a filthy look. Teenagers being teens, they started chatting again, but everytime they did, Mr Awful would growl at them to shut up. Eventually, the girls reached their school, and as they stood to get off, he snarled "watch what you're doing with those bags you little bitches".

Well, I'd had enough. Someone had to say something, and one of the advantages of getting old is greater confidence and a refusal to put up with bullies. I stood up, looked at the guy and said to him, "Tell me, did a bad life make you a miserable creep, or were you born that way?"

I'm pleased to say, there was scattered applause (everyone on the bus could hear what was going on). I did what I felt I had to, knowing that if I'd come across someone like him on my way to school when I was 15, it would have made me feel a bit upset all day. But I'm fed up with people who think that because they are big and dumb, they can do whatever they want. So I think it a good thing I did (okay, okay, I was a bit scared, and shaking for a little while after).


Just when I was starting to get good at my new job. I had hit my stride at sales, and was developing ambition. I found out the sales figure of the person who had my current job this time last year, and was determined that I could exceed it by 30%. Judging from the sales leads I had so far, I was well on my way.

So what did management in its infinite wisdom do?

Put me back in admin. I'm doing unnecessary faffing about with databases again, and meanwhile the office sales target - which I was brought in to help meet - gets further away each day.

*Sigh* this job...or any job like this, I guess...really saps my creativity. I haven't painted or journalled or drawn anything since I started. I tried to write some poetry the other day, but it was crap so I threw it away. Even my blog posts are flat and disjointed (probably because I write the im bits and pieces throughout the day). sure there's a bit more money, but I've got no time to spend it! Who's dumb idea was the five day week?!?


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