Dating Despair

14 February 2005
I'm unhappy as only a single woman on Valentines can be. I didn't get so much as an e-card this year (unless there's something waiting for me at home, but I doubt it). Normally on Valentines Geoff from work gives me flowers, but he wasn't in the office today. Well, when the man in your life has paws, I guess that's what you expect.

Yesterday, with much anticipation, I went into town to meet the, well, "new guy". I had high hopes, but that's the trouble when you've only met people when you and they are drunk. Yesterday, sober, it was a bitter disappointment. He was rude about the bands I like, the fact that I get bored watching movies, my hair, and lots else. AND he talked to me like I'm a child, which I hate (so he's, ooh, a couple of years older than me. Who cares?) And he said he doesn't ever want to travel, nowhere interests him and he can't see the point, and...well you get the idea. Major personality clash.

Oh well, back to the drawing board!


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