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08 February 2005
...trying to work full time?!?

There is no way that I am well enough right now. Stupid chronic fatigue.
Getting out of bed is not too bad. The mornings are fine. But by 2pm, forget it. I'm too tired to work; so ill, in fact, I can barely pick up a pen. Going home, I forget where my house is. I can't get anything done.

My fear is that, if I keep on doing full-time hours, by next week I'll be unable to work at all. So, I asked my boss whether I might be able to work half-days instead. The response? No, not possible, but he suggested I "try to get to sleep earlier at night." Thank you Madhatter!

Oh, I know I shouldn't complain. Sure, my job may be largely mindless, petty work of the most soul-destroying kind. But...actually, that's pretty much it. Let me put it this way: I have a low-walled desk in a high traffic area; between the copiers and the printers. AND I'm under an air conditioning duct, so I need a cardigan in the office everyday. My main task consists of trying to reconcile hopelessly out-of-date and incompatible databases in a vain attempt to get the data I need to contact clients. Oh, and I'm the youngest person in the office,and we all know what that means. I'm here to make everyone else glad they're not me!

*Bawls* I can't believe it's just Tuesday. Who needs a drink?


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