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Draw A Breath, Close Your Eyes And Think Of Me In Silence

THE CEO is visiting today, so I have the office (and the internet) more or less to myself. I'm not important enough to go the meetings with the CEO. I really am the appendix of this company; small, useless and easily removed (never mind that I work as hard as anyone else). I found out that my contract will be terminated alot sooner than originally thought, so it looks like I've got a weekend of heavy job-hunting ahead of me. Which, ironically, puts paid to thoughts of going to Sydney.

Oh well.

With nothing worthwhile to say, here's a list:

  • I had to put flea powder on Xander this week. He looked so funny with white patches on his fur. It actually smelt nice, and seems to have done the trick
  • Having orange hair will get you attention, for all the wrong reasons
  • Everyone at work treats me like a child, so I live up to being an enfante terrible
  • Tuesday morning was fun
  • I'm on a smoked-cheddar addiction right now (no not this minute)
  • Every week on Neighbours is described as "unmissable". So if you miss a week, are you not allowed to watch it again?
  • I would really like to leave the office to go for a pedicure
  • I hate it when you hit caps lock without noticing, then have to go back and re-type everything you've done
  • Rex is ageing so much better than I am (i.e. not at all)
  • Shop assistants hate me and I don't know why
  • Every time I fall in love with a product, it gets taken off the market
  • Every time I establish a chain of thought, I cut straight to the pub
  • "Strumpet" is my favourite word
  • St Patricks day is my second least favourite "day"
  • Melbourne Cup, though, tops the list
  • When I read blogs, I love seeing what people said in their first ever post
  • There are too many birds in my yard
  • The back of Xander's neck is my favourite smell
  • I'm entertained by writing mindless lists
  • I hope you like reading them