Draw A Breath, Close Your Eyes And Think Of Me In Silence

18 March 2005
THE CEO is visiting today, so I have the office (and the internet) more or less to myself. I'm not important enough to go the meetings with the CEO. I really am the appendix of this company; small, useless and easily removed (never mind that I work as hard as anyone else). I found out that my contract will be terminated alot sooner than originally thought, so it looks like I've got a weekend of heavy job-hunting ahead of me. Which, ironically, puts paid to thoughts of going to Sydney.

Oh well.

With nothing worthwhile to say, here's a list:

  • I had to put flea powder on Xander this week. He looked so funny with white patches on his fur. It actually smelt nice, and seems to have done the trick
  • Having orange hair will get you attention, for all the wrong reasons
  • Everyone at work treats me like a child, so I live up to being an enfante terrible
  • Tuesday morning was fun
  • I'm on a smoked-cheddar addiction right now (no not this minute)
  • Every week on Neighbours is described as "unmissable". So if you miss a week, are you not allowed to watch it again?
  • I would really like to leave the office to go for a pedicure
  • I hate it when you hit caps lock without noticing, then have to go back and re-type everything you've done
  • Rex is ageing so much better than I am (i.e. not at all)
  • Shop assistants hate me and I don't know why
  • Every time I fall in love with a product, it gets taken off the market
  • Every time I establish a chain of thought, I cut straight to the pub
  • "Strumpet" is my favourite word
  • St Patricks day is my second least favourite "day"
  • Melbourne Cup, though, tops the list
  • When I read blogs, I love seeing what people said in their first ever post
  • There are too many birds in my yard
  • The back of Xander's neck is my favourite smell
  • I'm entertained by writing mindless lists
  • I hope you like reading them
You say you don't want it again and againBut you don't, don't really mean itYou say you don't want it, this circus we're inBut you don't, don't really mean itYou don't, don't really mean it


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