Cold Sydney Feet

07 April 2005
Two days left at my current job (one and a half, really, minus the time I've spent typing this!) and I still don't have another one. The interview on Tuesday went well I think, or as well as an interview can go at 11am when you've been up since five (bloody trackwork!). It's funny how every company likes to think it's so unique, but all offices, down to their mission statements, inspirational posters, buzzwords and, yes, interview questions, are staggeringly alike.

The more time I spend in Sydney, though, the less I want to move there. I've gone into some detail on this before, so I won't belabour the point. Perhaps my impressions are soured because on all recent trips I've arrived after a three-hour, early morning train journey, and I've been wearing uncomfortable clothes. Or I could just be overwhelmed, and a wimp, and looking for excuses to get out of it all. I don't know. Apparently 1000 people move to Sydney every week. They can't all be better equipped, more resourceful, and braver than me, could they?

There was one moment of humour. As I was walking out of Central Station, there was the standard bunch of panhandlers. One of them said to me, "Hey sweetie, got any spare change?"
"No, sorry", I said and kept walking.
He took umbrage. "Well, you've got money for that fancy hairdo."
I had to chuckle. I get my hair cut at a place that charges $20, and trim my neck with a razor myself. I also dye it myself - and my hair is very frizzy, and I was told by an interviewer last week that my hair looks sloppy and I should get it styled. But hey! A homeless (or lazy and greedy) guy thinks I have expensive looking hair! There's hope for me yet.

I did take the time to do a little window-shopping in the City. In an op-shop near the station, I saw an awesome black fringed flapper dress. Having recently seen The Cat's Miaow I've thought the flapper look was one I should try and it would look great with my hair (sloppy or no). But the shop assistant was busy and I didn't have time to wait to buy it.

Well, tomorrow's the big last day at this office, ever (after three long part-years!). So, I'll be bringing you some All Time Work Top Fives, from this job (thanks Cotard for the Top Five idea)...

  • Top Five Most Stupid Customers
  • Top Five Most Obnoxious Customers
  • Top Five Most Irritating Encounters With Cow-Orkers
  • Top Five Things I'll Miss About This Place!

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