Cat Sitting For The Lazy

I have a cat, as you are most likely aware. Xander is the sweetest, friendliest, most placid creature in existence. I'm so proud of him and think that, for once in my life, I have actually gotten something right.

My sister Jennifer has a cat. Fizzy is...well, he's spiteful, destructive and generally a bit of a shit. But the thing is, Fizzy was raised in an environment no less loving than Xander, so how could they have turned out so differently?

Anyway, Jennifer is interstate for some time. Knowing that my mother is having a major personality clash with Fizzy (and being the sweet person I am) I offered to cat sit Fizzy at my house today.

I should have known better, huh?

Fizzy growled at me, peed on one of my dining chairs, then spent the next fours hours sitting under the bathtub, hissing furiously whenever Xander or I peeked in at him.

He's gone now, thank the Lord.