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08 May 2005
My internet access has been somewhat limited lately, but yeah, the whole Sydney moving thing fell through, so I'm stuck in Newcastle for the time being. Mixed feelings about this.

I still haven't found another job, possibly because I don't actually have the train fares to get to interviews. But that should be rectified soon, Centrelink might finally process my application, and start giving me the dole. I had to spend nearly a whole day there last week getting it sorted out. Why are Centrelink appointments always at 8:30am? Not only do they want to humiliate you, they want to humiliate you first thing in the morning. It's not very Groovy (oops there I go again). Luckily my "customer service" officer seemed to realise I do actually have my head screwed on the right way, so the experience was as almost-painless as dealing with governmental beauracracy can be.

Big Brother starts know every year I promise myself I won't watch Big Brother. My good intentions last about three days, until I let myself get suckered in and within a week, I'm screaming at people who phone me between 7:00pm and 7:30pm, "Don't you know not to call me during Big Brother?!?". I'm rather pathetic.

Well Kitekat is cooking us chicken piddas for send your get well soon cards to the Food Poisioning Unit at the John Hunter Hospital...



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