Restaurant Doesn't Rule

19 July 2005
So last night like the dutiful daughters we are, Kitekat and I showed up for The Father's birthday dinner.

Here we are, making the place look at least 68% more gorgeous.

He's 51 (God, what a the time my parents were my age, they'd been married several years, and I was a toddler. I can't look after anything except myself - barely and with a lot of help - and my cat. Whom, come to think of, I haven't seen for a few days). We went to the restaurant attached to the local pub, and I ordered a steak with cheese sauce. I had my heart set on a big, juicy steak. So when my meal arrived, I was shocked and dismayed to discover that it was covered in a brown sauce with mushrooms, totally contrary to my order. I eat most foods, but I HATE mushrooms. I'm never good at masking my emotions, and both the waiter, and everyone else at the table, noticed my disgust.

Waiter (sorry, food and beverage attendant) : Is everything all right?
Nico (through gritted teeth) : No, I ordered steak with CHEESE SAUCE. This is covered in mushrooms.
W: Well, I could take it back to the kitchen and scrape the mushrooms off.
N: (looks askance) I'd still be able to taste them.
W: Okay, what if we cook you another meal?
N: But everyone else will be done eating by then.
W: Well...(looks confused)

Finally Father offers to swap his garlic prawns for my steak. Don't you hate having to be an adult sometimes? I accepted in a reasonably graceful manner, when what I wanted to do was repeatedly bang my head on the table and chant "I wanted steak, I wanted steak, I wanted steak." Anyway... I ate most of the prawns (or shrimp, to American readers) but they weren't anywhere near as good as the divine Chilli Prawns I had at Scratchleys last week.

The waiter kept coming over and apologising and offering me a free dessert. I just thought, "Why not a refund?" but no dice. But I maintained my dignity and impeccable manners throughout, except when I was embarrassed to discover I'd used the wrong fork to stab said waiter in the leg (there really ought to be more on this subject covered in books on modern manners).


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