Snappy Nomenclature

01 August 2005
This morning whilst I had my tea, I watched Seven Sunrise. I don't normally switch it on, because frankly I find the sight of co-host David Koch too hard to bear so early in the morning. But, this morning I wanted to briefly get the news headlines. So I watched the news, then continued through the weather. The program's weather man (I can't recall his name, but he's a young blond, Andrew G, himbo type) was doing that act so typical of breakfast TV news-magazine shows; traveling around "the real Australia", putting the over-excited "local characters" on the show, and generally boring anyone with an IQ above room temperature straight back to sleep.

Well, this morning Mr Blond was visiting a resort in the far Northern Territory, describing the facilities, rooms and the celebrities who've stayed there (Princess Mary and Prince Frederik, Kylie, and some other womens'-magazine fillers). I was kind of half-asleep myself, and not really paying alot of attention. Until that is, the host began describing the "best suite at the resort", the $2,500 per night...Chamberlain room. I thought that I had heard wrong, but no, he repeated the name. Without saying whom it was named after. Which led me to inevitably wonder...could it have been named for Michael and Lindy?!? Okay, so it's been 25 years since Azaria went missing, so maybe no one is particularly sensitive to the reference. Still, I find it amazing that someone could name an area of a NT outback resort anything to do with "Chamberlain".

Unless of course, it was named after Neville Chamberlain. Maybe a search of the room would reveal documents dated 2000 about his meeting with Osama, who bears the West no grudge and who is a man we can easily negotiate with.

The mind boggles.


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