Cubicle Sweet Cubicle, I've Returned From My Trip

08 August 2005
Yes, sadly, I have returned from my holiday in Port Macquarie (or PMQ) to the joys of...the office.

Sometime this week I'll get around to doing my complete "Holiday Post"...trying to convert my 15+ pages of notes and diary entries, and a camera phone memory's worth of photos, into a legible blog entry! For now, since I have a heap of work I missed to catch up on, I'll just do a quick list:

Things That Happened, Cheat Notes:

  • It was raining when I arrived in PMQ, which wasn't what I'd had in mind. The skies cleared up the next day, but there was still a chilly wind, so I didn't get to the beach much.

  • I did, however, get to the historical sites of the town. That sounds dull, but I love that stuff, and the set up in PMQ was wonderful.

  • My camera phone stood up to the task of capturing scenery remarkably well.

  • I forgot to get any souvenirs.

  • Surprisingly, I bought some great clothes...there were a few shops full of great Goth-style clothes, some very expensive (I wouldn't have thought that there'd be a market for the stuff up there) but I managed to get some bargains (I always do!)

  • I picked up a cold on the train...all that recirculating air (why do I always get sick when I travel?!?

  • That's all I picked up...I'm too old for that kinda thing anymore. The nightlife wasn't my cup of chai tea.

  • To be honest, I missed Xander so much that it threw a bit of a dampener on my mood the whole time...all I could think of was how much I wanted to hold him. When I got home, he would not let me out of his sight!

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