Celebrating The Chaser

On the Chaser forum, there's a thread for people to suggest their own items for the newsbar. Here, in no particular order, is a selection of my favourites (in order to get the full experience, may I humbly suggest you turn your head sideways and scroll down the page to read them):

Unfunny Chaser headline lifted from The Onion

Channel 9 defies Ptolemy, Copernicus: Declares Eddie centre of universe

Australian Idol Reject Finalist leaves with dignity

Andrew Bolt fired for objective journalism, goes quietly.

Kerry O'Brien nails politician with absurd hypothetical

Mid-morning news presenter listens to guest, asks unprepared question

Lateline interview finishes without 'running out of time'

Sensitive new age male student secretly downloads Paris Hilton sex video

Glen Robbins: ‘I am ready to win a gold Logie’

Viewer still confused over Mick Molloy’s digs at Steve Vizard on The Late Show

Bob Ellis predicts Kim Beazley victory, still not joking

Irony of phrase 'Two Party Preferred' not lost on National Party

British TV show spoilt by viewer constantly guessing where he had seen actors before

Elderly bus passenger walks through entire bus, to exit from front door

Teenager finds pornography oddly less tempting after 18th birthday

Stupid email question writer told to 'just bloody Google it'

Apathy Society apparently 'not worth joining'

Roller shoes' market share stumbles, falls, breaks wrist

Radiohead to release feel-good hit of the summer

Thom Yorke announced as Gillette’s new face, wrists.

Woman gets Foxtel Digital Sky News UK just to understand Dead Ringers jokes

Dead Ringers fan points out you don't really get Mad TV's jokes either

Australian Idol contender feels urge to rearrange classic for no reason

Olivia Newton John releases new album: Fund My Retirement Please

Womyn looking for a real myn's myn.

Nico’s cow-orkers do not go out of their way to make her life more difficult

(Okay, I made the last one up myself)