Inauspicious Beginnings

01 March 2006

Looking back over the meager proportion of 2006 which has passed so far - which is an even more futile exercise than you'd think, because two months at my age feels like it goes past the way four days did when I was 19 - I have to admit that this year doesn't seem to be going very well. It's not that anything terrible has happened, but nothing very good has happened either. Most of the plans I've made for better things have fallen through, and I must admit I'm starting to get...well, I wouldn't say depressed exactly, I'm not depressed, but weighed down, worn out, slightly heartsick - yes. It's just the grind of work and day to day life, which is never relieved by anything fun or exciting. It's turning me into Chandler, from the early days of Friends, such as on Tuesday morning when I thought to myself, "Well, it's raining, and I'm standing on an overcrowded bus, on my way to an another exhausting day at the office. Does it get better than this?"

Normally, I'd think about going away for the weekend or something to break the tedium and pull myself out of this slump, but I can't right now, because although it's not much more than a pie in the atmospheric layer idea at the moment, I want to go to the UK and Ireland later this year, and I must save money. So obviously there are good things in store for 2006, and a bad beginning is not necessarily a portentous omen for the whole year. In fact, a bad beginning can be no indication whatsoever of the future success of anything. Consider thse examples:

  • The first ever movie released on DVD was Evita.
  • The original title of the Beatles seminal song Yesterday was "Scrambled Eggs"
  • The Greatest Generation? They have a Great Depression, and it takes them ten years to find another job.

    Of course, the opposite can hold true as well - just look at
    Mark Latham (but I'll save my politcal thoughts for tomorrow's inevitable rant on ten years of the Howard governemnt). Nonetheless, I have high hopes that the year will get better - summer is over after all, and now all the world shares my twisted passion for Dick Cheney (actually, I'm getting sick of all these Cheney-come-latelies. I've always been a true believer!)

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