27 February 2006

Move Over - It's My Turn Now

Hello, it's Xander here. I've been complaining to Mummy that she never lets me post; after all this blog is supposed to belong to both of us! So she agreed, on the condition that I promise not to rite lik eths, because it really annoys her. I agreed, of course - I'm a very literate cat! Some may say that when I sit on Mummy's lap whilst she's reading, I'm just staring at the book with a glazed look in my eyes - but I'm thinking about the symbolism. Don't you get a blank look when you think about symbolism?

Anyway, you wouldn't believe the weekend I had. You see, it's been very hot this summer and though I am practically perfect in every way, somehow I picked up fleas. Mummy tried to get me with this awful white stuff she called "flea powder", but I was having none of it - that stuff really ruins the glossiness of my black fur! However, the fleas were seriously crimping my style, and Mum got tired of my desperate wailing for relief, so she decided to take radical action. But if I'd known the solution was going to be so much worse than the problem, I think I might have kept my mouth shut!

Mum had purchased something called "flea bombs" but I wasn't overly worried until yesterday, when her Dad showed up with the cat carrier and bundled me off to his house, all by myself, so she could set them off! I was highly insulted. I'm not a great traveller and I never go anywhere without Mum! Forget the brave face. I cried my head off during every single minute of this indignity. It was alright for Mum - although she said something about airing the place out before I could come home, she went to Myer with her sisters. Cheese caused much amusement in the entertainment section, by hiding all the Ben Lee CDs (she said she was "saving people"). Apparently Mum got very excited when she found out that celebrity hairdresser Joh Bailey is doing appointments at the beauty salon, but then decided that her hair wasn't good enough to be touched by him. I think she's being silly. Mummy is very pretty.

Finally and eventually, I was brought home. Mum asked her Dad if I'd left any unpleasant "suprises" behind at his house. I was quite annoyed by that - of course I didn't. What kind of cat does she think I am? (Well - it's only because I didn't think of it). When they were shopping, Cheese bought the Team America DVD. I should have been in that movie - I would have made a much better panther than any of them! And Mum got the Just Shoot Me DVDs. She should have gotten more Red Dwarf. Bet you can't guess who my favourite character is...

Well I am glad to be home now, and flea-free, but next weekend Mummy is going away. I'm very sad, even though she says it's only for a little while. I know who's fault this is...*hisses*...

EDIT: Now Mummy's not going away, but she's sad and that's much worse. Forget hissing! *Bites*


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