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Blogger, You Will Pay For This!

No, actually what I mean is - can I pay for this?

Blogger is free, and doesn't have a paid or premium option. But I'd gladly pay a reasonable monthly fee, in order to have some tech support - or at least, to not have the publishing problems everyone on Blogger is suffering lately. Friday afternoon was a classic example - no blogs would publish, and there was no word on what the problem was and when it would be fixed (this is why I couldn't publish the Follies). If it wasn't for the Blogger help group I think I'd go spare - deprived of any official support, all the bloggers function as support for each other (I've even been able to offer some advice of my own...I hope I haven't killed anyone's template!)


When will daylight savings time be over? I don't care if there are
good reasons for it, they sound a bit shifty to me. I hate having to get up when it's dark, it isn't right. Anyway, how much power is really being saved, since when I get up I have to turn on the lights instead of just opening the curtains?

Or maybe it's just that I don't want to have to get up for work. I may have a break for the next little while though. Once again, I have been called for jury duty. Although I was
called up late last year, I wasn't called in to serve. If I'm not actually required at court tomorrow - I have to phone a hotline later on to find out - then I could be called again at anytime for the next six months. So I'm hoping I do actually have to serve tomorrow, just to get this rigmarole over with!


  1. I think daylight saving finishes next week.
    It's a sign of colder weather, and dark 'afternoons'. I'm not really looking forward to it because I usually start walking home from work around 5:05pm, and what I remember from last year - It was getting pretty dark around that time :/

  2. 1. Daylight saving is evil.

    2. Paid hosting usually starts around $10/month.

  3. Doesn't really fix my problem though - even if I did pay for domain hosting, I'd still be using blogger as my blog tool, The only difference would be my address would be something like

  4. The point is, getting your own hostings gets you away from having to use blogger. Movable Type, Typepad, slash, Subdreamer, Joomla, .. the list goes on.

    Plenty of options out there, with a richer featureset, better interface (especially around comments), integrated identity management and freedom from the whim of a web service that enjoys the right to change when they want.

    A domainname shouldn't cost much more than $20 or so per year. Commercial hosting starts around $10 and should give you webspace free from advertising, domain name hosting and at least a couple of email addresses hosted, preferably with a webmail gateway if you need it.

    *shrug*. Want more information, drop me an email.

  5. Well, it's something I'll certainly consider in a few weeks. At the moment I have NO time to think about anything. But you'll be my first port of call for advice - not that you could help last time - I figured it out all by myself :)

    Paste a gold star on my snoopy blanket!

  6. Fair enough. Most of the CMS/blogging tools have online demo versions to break/play with, so you can find one that doesn't suck and work from there.


  7. I don't want to lose my archives or formatting though.

  8. You'll have to port your archives over. I don't know how blogger implements downloading copies of your archives, but there is usually a way.

    Formatting? Yes, you'll have to build a new template. Cut 'n' paste away.


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