Endless, Nameless

31 March 2006

I knew I was attached to my routines (well, actually just the one routine, that is my life) but didn't realise until this morning that it was to such a ridiculous extent...
The bus to work broke down about 2km away from the office. Figuring that I'd have trouble getting on another one, as they're very crowded along that stretch of road, I phoned one of the guys at the office and got them to pick me up. They were along shortly, and I arrived on time.
But...that was slight deviation from the usual, i.e. not getting off the bus at the stop near the office, has unsettled me to the extent that by not having started the day in the normal way, the entire rest of the day doesn't feel right.
Yes, I am incredibly attached to my routine, I'm sure it must be a form of OCD, and maybe I should seek help about it. But...I've lived such a chaotic life, the fact that things are so regulated and ordered now - an order I have imposed upon myself - means all is well. After all, if the ancient Chinese curse goes "May you live in interesting times", then the nicest thing anyone could wish on me is, "I hope things will be very ordinary for you".

Daylight saving finally ends this weekend, and not a moment too soon (actually, many weeks too late). This morning it was so dark, I still needed the lights on in my house until I left at 7:45am. Nuts to that. At least, as of Monday, I won't have to get up in the dark anymore. Well, that's one of my torments over. One down, two to go... (You always know things are getting bad when I start pulling out my eyebrows. They end up almost absent altogether, but I can't help myself).

Friday Follies on the way soon!


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