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It's Now Time To Make A Change

Well, as I've been saying, the time has come to give my blog a whole new look. It was a hard decision to make; I've had the exact same blog template since I started here on blogger, oh-so-long-ago. I knew exactly nothing about HTML back then, and by the time I'd learnt enough HTML to make a few changes, my blog had been the same for so long I thought, even if it looks rather boring, and messy, that's this blog's look! (Well, I did study marketing at uni, so I know something about branding - and not the cool, body mod kind of branding. The product identity kind).

But now, after more than two years and 400 posts, I've bitten the bullet and given the pod a total revamp. For better or for worse, here it is (I'm particularly fond of the drop down menus. And you'd better appreciate them, because they took a long time to make). There's still a few tweeks here and there I want to make to get everything "just so" - actually, my whole life seems to revolve around making everything just so - but basically, welcome to the new look pod. (Man, is Blogger alot of work. Maybe I should have stuck with Live Journal).


  1. Oh no, you didn't ~falls over in shock~ I really liked the old theme.
    Can I add you to my LJ friends? Don't go all Jen-like and say no on the principle that we're related. If you have another reason not to, fine.

  2. I've kept the old template, so I could always put it back up - though to be honest I don't think I will.

    How could you have liked it? It looked so messy!


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