Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems

You tell me that you love me so, you tell me that you care,
but when I need you, Blogger, you're never there!

  • Yep, Blogger is still having it's problems. The situation at the moment is basically, you take your chances when you want to post...sometimes it will publish, and sometimes it won't. I must say I've become addicted to the Blogger support group; whenever I see someone with a problem, I want to be the one to fix it!

  • Normally, I'm a fairly modest, even timid, sort of a person. But every year at about this time, I turn into a psycho hose beast. That's because it's the mad season at work, where we are all rushing to meet THE DEADLINE, and the extreme stress gets to everyone. Some of us react by becoming tense, or exhausted, but not me. I develop an explosive violent temper, and it carries through to all factes of my life. I snap at shop assistants. I hurl abuse at the TV (okay, I always do that). Yesterday I threw a coffee cup across my kitchen in frustration because I spilt a teaspoon of sugar on the floor. I'll be back to normal soon, but right now - do not start with me.

  • If I hear the phrase "now we have no bananas" one more time, I'm going to be sick. Sure, no one in Australia will be eating any bananas for a long time, because Cyclone Larry destroyed 90% of the nation's banana crop. But really - does every single journalist and blogger who uses that phrase think that they're the only one?!?

  • (I hated typing out "banana" so many times for that point, too. Try it - it's a bloody annoying word to type).

  • Recently I wrote about how much I hate daylight saving, which at this time of the year means getting up in the dark at 7am. Well it's being extended for another week - because of the Commonwealth games closing ceremony! Yep, although the games will be over by then, it was feared that if the clocks went back as normal on Sunday, before the closing ceremony was held, it would create confusion and cause people to turn up for the thing early. Frankly if you're that stupid you deserve to miss the ceremony. (Actually, I hope you miss it anyway).

  • School children who remain in seats on buses whilst the hard-working adults whose taxes pay for their free bus travel have to stand should be shot. What business have they got sitting down anyway? They're not tired yet. Incidentally, if ever I am offered a seat on a packed bus, it's invariably a girl who does the offering; the boys never do. The other day I saw a girl vacate her seat for a frail elderly lady boarding the bus...only to have the teenage boy standing nearby plonk down into the seat. The bus driver saw this and yelled over the din "Get out of that seat for the lady!" He didn't add " little shit", but if he had I would have applauded. Anyway, if the driver hadn't said that I would have hauled the kid out of the seat by his shirt collar myself. As for me, at first I felt I bit funny that I'm now a seat offeree rather than a seat offerrer, but then I thought, screw it.

  • Were it not for the theraputic value of sharing my woes with a bunch of vaugely interested strangers, I think I'd go even more insane than I already am. Brings me back to my original point...all these Blogger outages! GRRRR!!!

  • See you tomorrow for the Follies!


    1. Blogger has been having bandwidth and file corruption issues. Their engineers are working on it, and when they get it worked out, it'll be back to it's ol' reliable self!

    2. It's annoying - hopefully so many problems may lead them to do a big overhaul, and improved service all round!


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