The Friday Follies

31 March 2006

The best of the web, fresh every Friday (it always comes around so fast)

As I'm now spending alot of time surfing blogs on BlogMad, here's some of the most amusing stuff I've come across this week:

A message to the cats and dogs - very cute.

If you have problems picking what to wear to work, spare a thought for
this person (I'm not sure if they are male or female, and it probably doesn't matter)

From Antoine Khater:
A few chuckles

The Laws of the Universe

There's some great pics here at
Laughing Machine


Scott Adams rarely gets it as wrong as he does here, saying that
complainers rarely mate with other complainers. As someone who likes to engage in a fun spat of "No, I had the Worst Day Ever!" with a partner, I can say that this isn't exactly true.

I've featured him in the follies before, but I have to do it again. Like so much else he writes, Bugs Butt's post
about his new watch had tears of laughter running down my face.

Since ask Jeeves has been scrapped, read this
interview from his glory days (keep an eye out for an amusing reference to a former Australian politician!)

The Onion
horoscopes are always good for a giggle.

Well, that's it for another week. Avagood weekend (you will if you stay away from Aerogard - it's worse than the mozzies!


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