The Friday Follies

24 March 2006

(Why do I always hear the theme music from the Muppet Show in my head as I type those words?)

BBC news says Goths may be in fact
upwardly gothic...

this abandoned blog, I've followed through on my blog promises.

Suspicious of all "sporting personalities" who "write books"? Well,
you should be.

It's such a guilty blogging pleasure...
The Kip's list is most amusing, though I disagree with almost everything he says.

From the Onion: I'm terrified of the day when a cow-orker accidentally stumbles across my blog, but
this is worse. Also, why can't this happen to me? (HINT)

Ever been
head hunted? This way would be preferable.

You know this day will come

Actually, it's not just
these ones, all obits are weird (I hope I don't die at work. Then my obituary would read "She died doing what she hated").

Well, that's it for another week. If you've got a few seconds (and assuming you liked this), you could
vote for this blog on BlogMad. I'm ranking really low and I don't know why...what is wrong with everyone?!?


  1. And people wonder why I don't put ANY identifying info on MY blog, lol.

    Just fyi, I can't get your drop-down links menu to work with this browser; you might want to consider going back to a regular links list.

  2. But it took me so long to make those drop down boxes!

    I suppose there's not much point if they don't work though...

    I'm going to try tweaking the javascript before I abandon them completely.


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