The Friday Follies!

10 March 2006

Holding the belief that anyone who's made it through to Friday deserves a laugh, I'm introducing a new regular feature...every Friday (well, almost every Friday) Xander and Nico will bring you a collection of the best and funniest links of the week.
Enjoy our premiere selection.

From The Onion:
'Iraqi Ghandi' preaches slightly less violence

From The Chaser:
Bert's Family Feud re-ignites euthanasia debate

For the best in travel guides, check out
Jetlag Travel (the senior's travel guide is especially apt)

See Uncyclopedia entries for
Live Journal, Bloggers and their parody of myspace (which is, layout aside, actually pretty much indistinguishable from a real myspace)

There'd be more links, but I don't want to overdo it for a first time (I bet most of the ones I've got don't get followed anyway, she mutters).


Here's how fuzzy work is making my brain: Boof rang through on my office number, and I didn't recognise his voice at first (we've only been best friends since we were fourteen years old. Let's say we've spoken on the phone twice a week since then - obviously an underestimate - that would be 1200 phone calls).

Anyway, he was calling to organise our dinner outing tonight. It's not enough that himself and Funky made me
buy a sexy dress and shoes, now we have to go somewhere so that I will actually wear them. So I'll be eschewing my normal office hag look (hair pinned up, sensible shirt and skirt, no make-up, glasses) to get all dolled up for the titillation of two guys who seem to see me as their own life-size fashion doll. (And that's all the titillation there will be...I am most certainly not going to a night club after dinner. I'll be going home to watch Red Dwarf in my pajamas, like a sensible prematurely middle aged woman). Hopefully, there will be some photos posted to mark the occasion. My years of looking youthful and attractive (did I ever?) are running short...


  1. Oh, come on, the dress and shoes demand photographic evidence.

  2. Yeah, yeah. The photos will be up a bit later today.

    Though it's faintly worrying that you trawl the net at 4am on Sunday looking for pictures of strange people...


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