When All Is Said And Done

15 March 2006

Well, the Pod has been running for a very long time now. There's been over 400 posts, and over 12,000 visitors in that time. It's been great fun, but lately I've realised that I have a problem: I am running out of things to say.

There are of course blogs which have been going for more than five years, and I wonder - how do they do it? Of course, it helps if your blog has a theme, like Omni's great blog on the theories of the universe, or the political diary of Senator Andrew Bartlett, or a photo journal like Sydney Photo.

But I just crap on about myself, post after post, month after month...and now edging into year after year. Since my life doesn't change very much, exciting events being few and far between, this means that - as happens in
Cosmopolitan, where the same basic articles are repeated year in, year out, with slightly different titles - there seems to be a set of posts which I repeat, with slight variations, over and over.

In fact, I've been thinking, I could save some time by devising a random post generator...I'd just need to pick a theme, and bingo, a fresh post! The themes would be as follows:

  • The Work Post - mostly for bitching about how I'm overworked, underpaid, and how the company is growing more ridiculous everyday.

  • The Day Trip to Sydney Post - how much money I spent, what I saw.

  • The Nightclub Post - how much alcohol was consumed, how I just don't enjoy it all as much as I used to.

  • The Arty Post - galleries and exhibitions I visited (this one is an attempt to make me look less shallow than I am).

  • The Political Post - with all the usual Australian Leftist cliches.

  • Hanging Out With Friends Post - again, how much money I spent, and any funny remarks uttered.

  • The General Whinge About Society Post - this has an optional "things were so much better in the Nineties" add-on.

    Do you see how this would work? In fact, if I can patent the thing, I bet I could make a fortune (no stealing my idea! You saw it here first!!!). Of course, I could just try to be more interesting, but that sounds like way too much work...

    1. Blogs & Journals are supposed to be about yourself anyway - If other people don't like it, they don't have to read it.
      I check your blog every few days to see if you have updated, & to see what's been happening.
      I dunno, I just like reading these things :)

    2. Journals maybe - alot of blogs aren't personal at all.

      But I enjoy personal blogs, especially by people I've never met nor will meet. It's like real-life soap opera!

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. Random blog post generator:

    5. I was aiming for a generator that's customisable for each user.

      But thanks, that's fun:)


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