A Letter to Xander

Recently in the Friday Follies, there was a link to A letter to the cats and dogs. I've been inspired by this to write a letter just to Xander.

Dear Xander,

You and me- we're a great team. The past three years with you have been the best experience of my life. But, like all great couples, there are a number of issues we need to work on. I'd like to draw your attention specifically to the following:

  • It doesn't matter to you whether you lie horizontally or vertically in the bed. But it makes a hell of a difference to me, so remember - head on the pillow, back paws pointing towards the foot of the bed.

  • I know you like your privacy when you use your tray, but I'm not in the bathroom 95% of the time. Don't wait until I'm in the shower to use your tray, then get upset because you don't want to "go" when I'm there.

  • You don't like it when I have to go to work. I don't like it when I have to go to work. But I don't have a choice. Hiding my keys, sitting on my shoes, or barracading the door with your body so I can't leave is just going to upset us both and make me late.

  • I know you like it when I give you presents. Please don't feel you have to return the favour by depositing freshly killed bugs on my bed.

  • Although I don't want to create self-esteem problems for you, it can't have escaped your attention that you're a cat with a tendency to get a little...podgy. If I don't give you seconds or thirds after dinner, don't get upset; it's for your own good. I want you to be an old cat with me when I am an old lady.

  • You're always welcome to sit on my lap. However, could you please learn to climb on when I've just sat down with a glass of wine, rather than waiting till I need to get up for a refill?

  • You don't need to get upset everytime I leave the room. I'm not actually going anywhere. Just follow and you'll find me. I could never go anywhere without you.

    With all my love, if occasional frustration,
    Your Mum.

    P.S. Only 16 days to go...what do you want for your birthday?
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    1. THAT was so cute and sweet and I have added you to my faves!! *hugs* xxx

    2. Ooh, thank you!

      I've seen your blog through Blog Mad but was too shy to comment - I will now.


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